This tour is such fun,folks joined the club each year just to come along!
This 11th year we will change things a


 The 11th Tour was a GREAT TIME!

Thanks to all the participants for coming along
and the support crew who made it happen:
Bob, Jim & Cindy, Jim & Lisa, Bob & Barbara and Bill & Dev
Photo Album & Guest Book for virtual participation!

NOSAG, NOTRUCK, NOCatered Party at the camp ground...

We don't think so...

OK... How about
Limited luggage portage
& a Private Banquet Dinner at the Inn
followed by a Sunset Party
with camp fire at the camp ground...

The best parts of our 10 years of classic rides down the flattest route Bill can find, from Irvine into San Diego county... A self contained / UNsupported leisurely Bicycle Tour down the coast leaving at 9AM Saturday from the Irvine Civic Center to Carlsbad State Beach; overnight camping on the bluffs at South Carlsbad State Beach (sites 181, 182 & 183), or staying at the hotel, returning on Sunday. (About 60 miles each day - or less: you can start in San Juan Capistrano or San Clemente!) with the added feature of traveling Self Contained! Fully loaded camping or light load hotel cyclotouring is one of the best ways to travel & see the world! This tour will welcome many never before toured riders to the cyclotouring experience! Detailed route instructions, and good company make it fun and trouble free! Plan on finding your own meals (See road kill!) &/or join the party for the banquet at the Rain Tree at the Inn... For $10 Dinner is not included but Bob Nugent's motor cycle sag stop in Camp Pendleton, evening camp fire, 'somores', & cosmic wimpout will be there as always! Plan on having time to fly a kite & take a swim in the warm Pacific!

Due to popular Demand; Bob Ruris is coordinating a banquet dinner right at the Inn, and early enough to get to the beach for sunset! For an extra $20, join the dinner party at the Rain Tree.

Space is limited ... Please register with the Inn before June 1st & with Bill by Monday , June 4th!

"But Bill! How can I carry all of my own stuff!?!" : See tips on touring Cheep!

Due to popular Whining; Jim von Tungeln is coordinating options to haul luggage to the Inn or campground. If you need more than a fresh t-shirt, some loafers & a credit card, or if you have a spouse driving down already who could bring a few bags along, or you have a contact with a trucking company, contact Jim to coordinate! Right now the price is $10 for luggage service, and 'volunteers' who want to work for cash rather than ride the tour are being solicited... Contact Bill or Jim if you have a truck or van & are willing to be a luggage porter for the BCI: Must take luggage at City Hall - have it at the lobby of Inn by noon - Load again Sunday from 7:30 to 8:30 & have it at City Hall by afternoon for riders to claim...

 Camping: Limited spaces (24) are available for tent camping at the South Carlsbad State Beach. Gas guzzling car parking is very limited - coordinate with Bill if you are planning to have another person drive down &/or camp with you (add $5), There are only 2 cars allowed per camp site so coordinate with Bill to car camp before they are all full!

Inn or other lodging plans : Make your own reservations... Ok, you can almost have as much fun but sleep in a bed indoors (and have a pool & bath tub etc.): the beach is a short walk/ride from the Inn. Secure your own room reservation at the Carlsbad Inns of America @ (760) 931-1185 & ask for one of the group discounted block of rooms for the Bicycle Club of Irvine. Compare with AAA & other discounts - you may get a better rate but make sure they include you in the BCI block of rooms! Make reservations as soon as possible, as the Inn will likely fill up again this year!
If you don't get into the Inn, there is also a Motel 6 directly next door...

Dinner: Bob Ruris has coordinated a dinner for all at the Rain Tree bar / restaurant. We have booked their banquet room for an early dinner. $20 (not including adult beverages) will include you in the banquet! Dinner reservations required in advance so sign up! No Day of diners please! - contact Bob for details; The dinner at the Raintree will include: *Grilled boneless breast of chicken marinated in lemon juice, herbs and olive oil with BBQ sauce *Salad *Hot rolls and butter *Potato or rice *Dessert *Coffee or Tea We are not allowed to bring in our own wine, but a cocktail waitress will be available to take individual, pay for your own, drinks. After dinner we will all walk or ride over to the camp ground (site 185) for sunset & campfire somores to fully appreciate the touring experience!

The $30 tour fees covers the direct costs of the tour, dinner, camp sites, publicity,
Sag stop refreshment & a unique bicycle event with a few great people!
If you want your luggage carried for you to the Inn send $40...
If you want to do your own thing for dinner, just pay $10 for the tour.
For extra non-riders, expect to pay $20 for dinner & $5 to camp.
Parking is very limited so you need to coordinate cars with Bill!
All extra proceeds do go to support the club's budget...

 COMMENTS? Visit & 'sign' the Guest Book!

 For more details contact Bill @ 714/997-0921 or by e mail to!

No-form Instant Registration:

Just write your BCI# & E-mail address on a check* & get it to Bill Sellin by mail
(or to his desk @ Deerfield Park) ...

Again, that's $30 or $40 (Tour, dinner & porter service) or $25 (camp & dinner, no tour)
$20 (dinner only, no tour) or $10 (Tour w/ no dinner)

payable to Bicycle Club of Irvine,

along with
BCI# & E-Mail address & CAMPing or INNing
on memo line before June 4th.
Mail check(s) to the
Bicycle Club of Irvine
c/o Bill Sellin
405 East Wilson Avenue
Orange CA 92867-4832

Confirmation will be on the web unless you do not have e-mail and Internet access... so tell Bill if you need 'snail mail' confirmation!

* Not yet a member? Include a Membership Application & separate check for your membership fee
{1 year Membership only costs $20 for an individual, $30 per couple...
to add a new member to a current member's address it's only $10 per adult, or $6 per minor)

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