Eve Andree Laramee, "Misplaced Data" 2006





"Misplaced Data" is a visual score, by Eve Andrée Laramée, based on gravity anamolies, the geophysical and geodetic information that track the differences between observed gravity and its theoretical value, mappingslight fluctuations or disturbances in the gravitational field of the earth. "Misplaced Data" is part of a sound art performance event organized by the Swiss artist, John Armleder. It was performed by ensembles on traditional and electronic instruments in Shanghai, China at the Zendai Museum of Modern Art and the Bizart Gallery, and at the Hannover Kunstverein, Hannover, Germany

Eve Andree Laramee wishes to thank Team404, John Armleder and Klasse Birgit Hein, for their kind generosity.