Eve Andree Laramee
Works & Projects

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Halfway to Invisible

Fluid Geographies

Apparatus for the Distillation of Vague Intuitions

Sugar Mud

Misplaced Data

Cellular Memories

Instrument to Communicate with Kepler's Ghost

A Permutational Unfolding

Secret History

Misty's Disappearance

Netherzone - New Observations Magazine

Miscellaneous Tea Housen Photographs

Objects and Sculptures

Parks on Trucks, Project for the City of Aachen


PRETTY VACANT - Weather Report: Art and Climate Change

Duchamp Dustball

Bed of Roses

Finding a Diamond in the Middle of a Muddy Road: Newtown Creek,

Dustball as Model of the Universe

Leaf Equasion

The Party's Over: Farewell to Reason

This Body is a Map

Zabriski Point ReMix, (videostills, 2007)



Netherzone: thebook(work in progress)

Tincture of Smithson

Salve of Beuys