Eve Andree Laramee

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Tracking Our Atomic Legacy: Now We Are All Sons of Bitches, by Eve Andrée Laramée, WEAD Magazine

Nuke NOtes, by Eve Andrée Laramée

Space, Place, Metaphor -- Lecture at the Keisho Art Association, Nagoya, Japan

Código e Criação: Destilando Intuições - by Emerson Freire, Pedro Ferreira, and Cecilia Diaz-Isenrath (in Portugues)

Review of exhibition in Artforum - by Patricia C. Phillips

Review of exhbition in Art in America - by George Melrod

"Unfolding Laramee" review in Electronic Book Review by Allison Hunter

Hudson River Projects: Sugar Mud by Jennifer MacGreggor

Review in Zing Magazine by Jane Hart

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