Walt's 24th NCAA Men's College Basketball
Tournament Pool

Updated 5:00 pm MDT, April 8, 2012
  Tournament Complete and Full Results/Statistics Updated

All the standings and statistics pages have been updated. Check them out!

Congrats to Mark Kane for winning the pool, and to Gerald Hall, Walt Meier, and Pat Binning for finishing in the money, as well as Cecily Steppe for winning the all-important last-place prize.

Standings are available in the Reports/Scoring link below!
Walt's Picks #1
Walt's Picks #2

Rules &
Stats/Previous Results

Hall of Pool Champions
Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mark Kane
Gerald Hall
Walt Meier
Karan Tierney
Jason Scheller
Adam Schwartz
Mark Potts
Ann Tierney
Rob Culp
Walt Meier
Gerald Hall
Mike Alway
Gerald Hall
Al Goldsberry
Dave Nissenson
Angie Dorsey
Dave Cho
Andrew Dorsey, Mike Cha
Andrea Smith
Andrew Dorsey
Stacie Johnson
Tom Gardner
Tom Norton
Andrew Dorsey
Pat Binning
Andrew Dorsey
Andrew Dorsey
David Smith
Jacob Krispin, Tom Campbell
Greg Wilson Jacob Krispin Dave Nissenson, Indra McAlpine
Haejin Potts Dave Cho Ed Durica
Ron Lumaque Craig Justman Mike Cha
Liz Hendricks Ken Slater Hank Gilday
Mark Tschudi Ian Gravseth Mark Kane
Elizabeth Davis Liz Hendricks Keith Oleson
Jim Hendricks Judy Longman, Chris Karrenburg
Dave Kalahar Kelly Luetkmeyer, Derek Chu
Tom Campbell Jen Myrick Kim Kane, Mike Burger, Bob Culp
Walt Meier Jim Hendricks, Savas Laskarides
Steve Sayeedi John Laskarides Kris Childers
Derek Chu John Laskarides Scott Stephenson
Dave Cho Dave McCain Tom Meier
Jeff Myers Derek Chu  


The rules are basically the same as in previous years, with bonus points possible for the first two rounds (see below).  Points are awarded for correct picks in each round as follows:

Possible Points
Bonus Points for Upsets
by #9 Seed or Higher*
1 (2 pts/pick total)
3 (5 pts/pick total)

4th (Final Four)

5th (Final Game)

6th (Champion)

Bonus points will be awarded as follows:

Round 1:  1 bonus point for any correct upset pick
Round 2:  3 bonus points for any correct upset pick by a team seeded #9 or higher (#9-#16 seeds)

So a correct upset pick in Round 1 gets you a total of 2 points for that pick, and a correct upset pick by a #9 seed or higher gets you a total of 5 points for that pick.

NOTE:  For Round 2, to get the points you must (1) pick the game as an upset (i.e., picking #12 to beat #13 gets you no bonus points), and (2) the game must be an upset (i.e., if you pick #12 to beat #4, but instead #12 beats #13, you get no bonus points).

The tiebreaker for first place is as follows:

If there is a still a tie, the prize will be split evenly.  Ties for all other places will split prizes evenly.  For the "big bonus prize", refer to the email I sent out or ask me for all specific rules and eligibility for that prize.

Bookmark this page to keep track of tournament results and your score throughout the tournament.  Standings will usually be updated by the morning following the completion of each round; they may be updated more frequently depending on how much time I have.  Note that the #64 vs. #65 play-in game will not be part of the pool.  You may pick either the #1 seed in that region or the winner of the play-in game.  If you have questions, please email me at: waltmeier@earthlink.net.

The Rick Neuheisel Honorary Pool Entry

This year's honorary pool entry belongs to Kim Kardashian. It's been an up-and-down year for Kim, but she's excited to be in the pool. For one thing, she needs the money. Extravagant weddings, first-class honeymoons, and huge divorce settlements drain the bank account. But Kim knows a thing or two about basketball. Or at least basketball players. She is absolutely sure her picks are the "one", and is completely wedded to them. She will honor them for the rest of her life. Or at least 72 days.

Honorary Pool Entries
Kim Kardashian, 2012
Charlie Sheen, 2011
Tiger Woods, 2010
Rod Blagojevich, 2009
Bill Belichik, 2008
Al  Gore, 2007
Dick Cheney, 2006
Martha Stewart, 2005
Rick Neuheisel, 2004

George W. Bush, 2003

Pool Statistics and Results

Now, which teams should you pick?  Well, thanks to my assiduous record keeping, I have statistics on all tournament games played since 1985, when the tournament went to 64 (well, now 68) teams, through the 2012 tournament.  These results are listed my Tournament Statistics Page.  Feel free to consult this page for any statistical guidance you may seek, or just for the heck of it. 

And you can also research team-by-team tourney stats for every team that has made the tournament since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985 - what seed they had and how far they went in each year!  Check it out within the Tournament Teams Page

Of course, it's not so much who actually wins the games, but who you pick to win the game.  Do you want to see how you've done in the past, maybe decide you need a new strategy?  Or just reminisce over great pools of yore?  Now you can!  The complete breakdown of everyone who has been in the pool since 1990 - all entries from all participants through almost the entire history of the pool (records have been lost for the first year in 1989) are found in the Tournament Participants History Page.

Also, complete year-by-year final standings since 1990 and complete final summaries since 2001 are provided:

Complete Final Standings:  1990-1994, 1995-1999, 2000-2004, 2005-2009, 2010-2012
Complete Results Summary: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

Finally, you can check trends in pool participation and results with the Participation Summary 1990-2012 and the Points Summary 1990-2012.

Participant Role of Honor (through 2012 pool)

2011 New Particpants
Charisse Folger
Jeff King
Kim King
Ashley Nittle
Jim Rohn
Peg Smith

20-Year Club

Todd Arbetter
Dave Cho
Derek Chu
Ian Gravseth (new in 2012)
Alison Hall
Mark Kane
Tom Meier
Walt Meier

15-Year Club
Tom Campbell (new in 2012)
Mike Cha (new in 2012)
Bob Culp (new in 2012)
Tom Gardner
Hank Gilday (new in 2012)
Tom Norton
Mark Potts
Kim Schwartz
Walt Schwartz (new in 2012)
Ken Slater
Craig Tierney
Karan Tierney (new in 2012)
Mark Tschudi

10-Year Club
Pat Binning
Brady Brown
Mike Burger
Andy Dorsey
Angie Dorsey (new in 2012)
Ed Durica
Gerald Hall
Mike Hall
Dave Kalahar
Indra McAlpine
Jeremy Meier
Dave Nissenson
Haejin Potts (Kim)
Adam Schwartz
David Smith (new in 2012)
Greg Wilson (new in 2012)
Dave Zenisek (new in 2012)