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Christian Studies

The blessing on the Sons of Israel given in 'Paleo' Hebrew

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels or your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lighlty upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
- Samuel Adams -

Aesop's Fables
The Farmer and the Snake
The Wolf and the Lamb
"He who thinks that everyone is like himself is deceived." - Old Turkish Proverb


Scourged for not taking a license - would today's preachers stand give as much for principles?
Patrick Henry's Full Speech - more on same
"The I.R.S. and the Church" (a parody of Genesis 3)

Reverse of Seal of United States of America - Israel crossing the Jordan RiverMorning Prayer of George Washington - our Godly founding fathers
George Washington's Masonic apron - or wre they?
George Washington's Vision - coming to America?
Proposed Seal - by Contenental Congress

Year of the Bible? - But why no mention of Jesus?
Prayer from the Kansas Senate - really bowling them over

The Shroud of Turin links
http://www.shroud.com/ - information about international Shroud research
The Shroud of Turin - An X-Ray? http://earthfiles.com/earth025.html
The Shroud of Turin - Blood Tests http://earthfiles.com/earth026.html
The Shroud of Turin - Dematerialization of the Body? http://earthfiles.com/earth024.html
Also see http://www.knight.org/advent/cathen/13762a.htm
The Cloth of Oviedo - http://earthfiles.com/earth042.html - ...

The Bible - from Answering Islam - links page
Comparing Bible Versions - Comparing the many varied translations of the Scriptures
Christian Catacombs of Rome

The Great Pyramid - Symbolism

Comfort - ...
Interview - ...

What is a Church? - ...
The Church Captured - getting a 501(c)(3) status

What is Truth - TBD
Who Are False Teachers? - By Myron David
Confessing Jesus Christ - not just a few words in church
Emulations - Is Zeal a fruit of the Spirit?
False Witness - telling a lie or talking vainly
The Avites - Meaning "perverters," supplanted Caphtorim and then were known as "Philistines"
   The Warriors From Caphtor - The Philistines on the Coast
   Under the Yoke of the Philistines - Subjected and in slavery
The Anti-Christs - Are you waiting for the Boogey Man? - TBD
   The Beast? - Adam Clarke's commentary on Revelation Chapter 13
Baptism - The Annointing into the Death and Life of Jesus Christ - TBD
   The Water-Supply for Jerusalem - there were plentiously amounts of water for Jerusalem for baptism by immersion
   www.BeBaptized.org - What is the meaning and purpose of Baptism?
   The Will Of Jesus Christ - by W. Clyde Odeneal, understanding the testament of Christ
Begotten by the Father - not "born again"
Seals, Marks & Long Hair - No hippies allowed?
The Demur - Just who's King around here anyway?
Amassabors of Christ - Being Called Home - TBD
Stewards - appointed and accountable to minister gifts given us
Matrimony & Marriage - some legal definitions

Mark of the Beast - TBD
The Mark: A Microchip? - A biochip to mark Satan's slaves?

Semites, Goyim and Gentiles - Telling the players apart
Adam's Genealogy Chart - TBD
The Leaven of the Pharisees - The Wolves dress as Sheep
What is Tithing? - TBD
What is Sorcery? - TBD
    Observers of Times    
Effeminate Men - "...and women rule over them."
Whoremongers - compromising yourself for the hope of sex
Ignore the devil - do not argue with devils, then they will run
Oaths - Are Christians to Swear? - TBD
Right Eye Blind - Who's looking at us from the 1 dollar bill? - TBD
Idols - What Are They? - TBD
Earrings for Men - Not A Stylish Accessory - TBD
The Vatican - Just what is that? - TBD
Lucifer, The Howler - study on the word "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12 KJV
Why does Christ call himself  'a door'? - TBD
The Biblical Calendar - A Solar based calendar
       A Quick Biblical Calendar Reference -
       The Biblical Day - starts at night - TBD
       The Day of the Passover - when is it kept?
       Change of the Sabbath - ...
       Jesus Christ kept the Passover - solar verses lunar months
       Moon Lunacy - the Moon cannot be used to mark the months
       USNO Astronomical Applications Department - ...
       Solar Calendar 1      & 2   
       Ethiopian Calendar - ...
The Scriptural Calendar - another's work on whether the sun or moon rules
Christ's Nativity date - from a work by Bonnie Gaunt
Blood - TBD
       Blood Groups
Revelation 16:8,9 : Solar Flares? - ...
       Fire in the sky - ...

Christmas - by name: celebrating Christ's death

Miscellaneous news items - from e-mail & web

Florida Laws on Abortion - TBD
Massacre of Innocence - The connection between abortion and a wicca organization
Just The Facts - ...

"Turn It Off" - How TV programs your mind
       Chimps & TV - ...
Let's Make A Slave - by William Lynch (1700's)

The Battle For Your Mind - Mass Mind Control Techniques In America
Notes on Mind Control - last update: 21Feb1999
Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order - external link

Units of Measure from the Bible - ...
The Great Pyramid - The Revelation of Adam in Stone
An Ice Mantle - used to encompass the Earth

Was there a previous age? - Below, an image of a ruined walled city on Venus?
A walled city on Venus?The First Earth Age - My theory of two creations
       Stone Disks of Bayan Kara Ula  The Dropas File (same story as previous)
      The Stone Disks of Baian-Kala-Ula
      Magellan Image Server   Magellan Thumbnail Image Browser   
Escape from Venus - Burn the land and boil the sea...
The Monuments of Venus .
"Guth's Venus" - another's view
Evidence of Civilizations on Venus? .


Detail of Magellan image MG0007 F75N351;1 on the Magellan Image Server. Larger image here.

While we're at it, let's not forget about Mars.  Are there constructed monoliths there?
The face on Mars - Constructed by extra-terrestrials? or Wishful thinking by space-nuts? See Jason's Mars-Earth page.
An Ancient City on Mars? - the Mars face


If you believe all those stories are silly, please explain this heiroglyph in Abydos, Egypt.  Are we told the whole of history?
abyth.jpg (20111 bytes)From where did these images resembling a helicopter, jet plane, and other 'space vehicles' come?
See The Mysterious Glyphs of Abydos.

 Anomolies and Enigmas Forum Library -


www.roytaylorministries.com - "American Pie" fullfillment of Deuteronomy 31:21 - "this song shall testify against them as a witness...", speaking of America

http://www.ccel.org/fathers2/ - ...
Straight Talk About God - ...
The American Colonists' Library - A collection of historical works which contributed to the formation of American politics, culture, and ideals
Lion of Judah Ministry - with Gary Fisher (Franklin, Tenn.)
The Children's Chapel (Christian Stories) - ...
Online Bible - download site
Bible Study Tools - ...
Audio Bible - the voice of Alexander Scourby
The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - ...
Blue-Letter Bible - ...
Septuagint Bible - lxx.org
Septuagint Psalter
All In One Christian Index - ...
Devil's Dictionary - daffy definitions
Wailing Wall web-cam - ...
Brian's House - some interesting info on stock market and Noah's Ark
Endtime Deception Homepage - ...
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Classic Christian books in electronic format ... enough good reading material here to last you a lifetime..."

The Biblical Calendar of History - A Chronological Record of Events
The Flood is Found - Could the garden of Eden have been where today is the Black Sea with its entry to the Mediterranean, the Bosphorous Strait?

The Preterist Archive - Christ has already returned?
WORLD UNION OF DEISTS - ". . . the opinions and beliefs of men . . . follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds." Thomas Jefferson

The (Original) Sixth Law of God - an interesting, exhaustive study on the 7th Commandment

Is this part of what Jesus Christ fought against?
The Truth About the Talmud - by Michael Hoffman
The Talmud Unmasked - from an e-mail
The Talmud - Judaism's Holiest Book (Radio Islam links)


Occultopedia - Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences and Knowledge
Pagan Library - ...