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Evidence of Civilizations on Venus?

By: author unknown

Word from Jeroen Wierda:

  This piece is about Life on Venus. It should be widely known that old civilizations like the Sumerians (now Iraq region) were visited by Space men/women who were very tall, had blue eyes and long Golden Hair. Enkidu was one of those people. It is said that those people invented (read engineered) the People (Humans) to work for them. Later (thousands of years) the venusians fled when huge amounts of Humans were uprising. It is said that the venusians (in this article called non-violent) that they destroid some major cities around the world with Nuclear type weapons. Evidence is found in eXcavations of Ancient cities with a solid Crystalized city center. This crystalization can ONLY occur with tremendous heat. Also some radiation (higher then normal)was still present there. There are numerous biblic references pointing to these happenings.

The article below was sent to me without the name of the Author. Everyone may freely distribute it, until author is known.


Evidence of Civilization on Venus
Canedian Scientists Contact Venus
Venusians Contact Scientists
Description of Venus
Venus similar to Earth Long ago
George Adamski



It is scientifically possible for material plane beings to live in an atmosphere on another planet, that is too hot or chemically fatal to Earth humans, by constructing underground air-conditioned bases or cities protected from the elements on the surface. It is also feasible to create air---conditioned domes on the surface of other planets that have artificial atmospheres exactly like on Earth, and American scientists admit they already have the technology and plans to create these bases on Mars and our Moon. Therefore extraterrestrials with the superior technology to create disc--shaped U.F.O.s, that are detailed in dozens of photos and documents in the U.S. Air Force released Project Bluebook files, could logically possess the advanced science to create such bases on the surface of the planet Venus.

The physicists William Plummer and John Strong stated that Venus may have large areas of bearable temperatures. The regions near the Venusian north and south poles would be much cooler than the areas reportedly monitored by space probes. Furthermore, according to Professor Alexander Lebedinsky, in the Soviet Union, in data suppressed by the United States Pentagon complex, the usual surface temperature of much of Venus must be about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, even though "radio---electric" measurements indicated 700 or more degrees. Similar observations can be made on the relatively COOL surfaces of gas tubes used in neon signs, because the radio--electric equivalent of those tubes is also several thousand degrees!

Furthermore, highly intelligent dolphins, with a brain capacity larger than the humans are underwater in an environment that would kill us humans very quickly without a dive suit and oxygen supply. These dolphins would also die within a half hour in our atmosphere, which is deadly to them! This proves that flesh and blood physical intelligent beings can live in an environment that would kill us and vice-versa! So how can so- called "experts" claim that intelligent life absolutely cannot live in another kind of an atmosphere on a different planet? Furthermore, 7,000 feet under the ocean in pressures that would instantly crush us humans without a heavy diving suit, biologists have found crabs, shrimps, snails, and worms living in 530 degrees F. temperatures, and large worms living in poisonous chemicals from vents erupting from the sea bottom. These creatures ate the deadly chemicals to live! (Honolulu Advertiser newspaper, June, 1990). This discovery proves that heat and pressures and chemicals that would kill us are perfectly livable to types of physical beings. So why couldn't creatures live on the surface of Venus, where the NASA space program officials who have misled the public about the truth of interplanetary spacecraft tell the public it is too hot for physical life with too heavy an atmosphere and dangerous gases?

Why did a number of American orbiting spacecraft transmit data that Earth itself is too hot for human life with a deadly atmosphere, insufficient oxygen, and hostile elements, and then they expect us to believe their Venus probe data is accurate? Temperatures up to 180OF. have been recorded in Earth's ionosphere 180 miles up. Could it be that the NASA official temperature readings on Venus originated in the Venusian ionosphere.

The temperatures given to the public from the American and the Soviet Venus probes contradicted each other by hundreds of degrees, and the temperatures given off by different American Venus rockets also were in conflict, proving all this data is very unreliable. If a probe orbiting Earth sent back a temperature reading of Alaska that was as conflicting as the Venus data, we could be told it was 200 degrees there in the ice!

We were told that the atmosphere of Venus is over 100 times denser than Earth, so how would it be possible for a parachute to be used to slow the landing of the Venus craft, when in pressures that great the space rocket would FLOAT slowly to the surface without the need of a parachute like boats sink in an ocean? That pressure is like trying to parachute the spacecraft 2,000 feet to the bottom of the ocean! Why also did NASA contradict these releases by claiming that a parachute would not work on the moon Titan, because the atmosphere there(similar to Venus) is too dense(just like Venus) . That data was in a press release December 12, 1980 with space expert James Murphy.

When the Soviets landed their spacecraft Venera on the surface of Venus, it sent excellent photographs showing a bright landscape of hills and rocks, much like our deserts on Earth yet an atmosphere that dense was expected to produce photos of total darkness. How can Venus be mapped by radar in such a dense atmosphere, the equivalent of using radar to map the bottom of our oceans at a depth that is impossible?

Government Project

In the early 1950s, the Canadian Government established PROJECT MAGNET to investigate UFOs. The director of that project, Wilburt B. Smith, publicly wrote that a top U.S. Pentagon official said that UFOs was the biggest secret they had, even greater than the H BOMB(the ultimate weapon then). We were able to obtain a copy of Wilburt B. Smith's research on Project Magnet.

This research was so startling he could possibly have been assassinated for releasing it, so it was not available to us until he died. PROJECT MAGNET has been able to work with Canadian scientists who had continued working on inventions of Nikola Tesla, one of the most prominent scientists in history. Tesla, who invented the AC/DC electrical current, helped invent radar and much military technology, was the holder of hundreds of successful patented inventions. He had told some associates and friends he had invented an interplanetary communications device with ideas given to him by Venusians

PROJECT MAGNET took Tesla seriously. This report details a formerly secret experimental UFO landing site built by the Canadian government during their attempts to contact UFOs their air force had monitored in the skies. Former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyear, later publicly admitted that project existed. However, he did not mention what Smith reported. the project had actually detected a real UFO with their scientific equipment, and later a scientific research group he directed established communications with a landed interplanetary ship from what their pilots said was Venus. Tesla's=7F closest scientific assistant at one time, Arthur Matthews, was involved in this contact. The Project Magnet report added that=7F Matthews had been trying to complete some of Tesla's incomplete inventions, when the Venusians helped him with instructions on finishing that work. The report also details several inventions the Venusians gave to Project Magnet through Dr. Matthews' committee, which were tested and worked perfectly. The Venusians were also seriously concerned about our environmental damage and danger from nuclear testing and fossil fuels, warned the government to try to stop these practices, and offered alternative non-polluting nearly- free energy systems that government leaders, kept in power by multi- billion dollar oil, gas, coal, and war industries all rejected for "Economic reasons."


An interplanetary spacecraft from Venus descended over the scientific laboratory, the Tesla detection alarm sounded, and the landing occurred. Arthur Matthews went outside to gaze at this incredible spaceship. Two beings stepped outside the craft, and walked toward the scientist. He noted they were about six feet tall and could discern their golden hair and bright blue eyes in the brilliant starlight. They emanated an aura of perfect health and happiness. He could feel an overwhelming vibration of good will from the Venusians. The spacemen then told: Matthews that they had come to check on Tesla's cosmic ray machine, which he was continuing the development of. After exchanging scientific dialogue, the scientist was taken on a tour of the spaceship, which had a metallic ring about 20 feet from it's central metallic body, and was not connected to the body of the ship by any visible device, but rather by magnetism. This ship was about 700 feet in diameter and about 300 feet high. There were no visible controls in the control room. In the center was a large circular platform with a raised seating area on it. Four Venusians sat there with their backs facing the center, with one each facing north, south, east, and west.

These pilots were especially chosen for their powers of mind over matter, and they ran the ship through thought control, which theoretically can be accomplished by projecting brain waves into a computer that operates the craft. Two of the pilots were women, and he met a timeless beautiful Venusian girl who had long beautiful golden hair, beautiful sun tanned skin, and an indescribably beautiful face reflecting deep inner peace, supreme happiness, and sparkling sapphire blue eyes emanating cosmic wisdom. From her he learned about life on Venus.

Before we detail life on Venus in a later section of this research, would like to point out that this information is not from some wild-eyed spacey true-believer cultist, some fanatic looking for space brothers to rescue him, or some drugged or boozed derelict.=7F This information is the writings of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, Wilburt B. Smith, who was director of Project Magnet, the Canadian government scientific UFO investigations committee. This prominent scientist was extremely respected, credited for numerous technological inventions, had an excellent public reputation, and held prestigious degrees, awards, and patents. Smith was arguably the greatest Canadian scientist of his times, and Tesla and Einstein were arguably the two greatest scientists of their time, based on the patented evidence.

We would also like to emphasize that the details of Venus and it's people in this report in no way contradict details we obtained from totally different sources.


The Canadian scientist was then given a tour of the planet Venus. He found himself on Venus standing near tall pillars of smooth perfectly polished basalt. A mighty waterfall descended from ebony cliffs thousands of feet high. The rims were of beautiful foaming water, yet the center lake was a perfectly smooth mass of water looking like a dome of multi--colored glass. It was not water as we know it, for reflections of light of every imaginable color covered the shining surface of the dome of water, transforming into rainbows of colors. They blended into green, rose, and violet glitterings. The entire scene of grandeur was failed by a broad band of emerald green grass, dotted here and there with graceful palms with fronds glistening diamond drops of spray.

In the Venusian sky, above the waterfall, was a transparent crystal ball. It looked like a huge soap bubble of rainbow Hughes of colors. Around the center of the craft was a gold band of metal, and there were gold projections at the poles of the craft. Around the golden band were the windows. (Note: Onec described travel in these bubble craft too in her book "From Venus I Came.")

Beyond was rolling countryside looking like a beautiful park. Snow-capped mountain peaks and a wide river were in the background. Mathews later entered a Venusian city. The buildings had prismatic crystal ellipsoidal roofs on circular colonnades of marble pillars. Between the buildings was a paradise of green; vegetation. Above the color crystal homes were the transparent multi-colored airships. On top of the basalt columns, bordering a majestic river, groups of Venusians were gracefully standing on the cliffs. At a higher elevation was a large building with a color crystal prismatic dome, used as a meeting place on Venus.

There was a broad avenue of stately palms that led to the great assembly hall, with a great amphitheater surrounded by tiers and marble seats. A circular lake was filled with colored water that was suspended in mid-air so that you could walk underneath it.

In the Palace of Truth, Venusians explained how they had transformed their planet into a paradise of agricultural abundance, climatic control, prevention of natural disasters, and a life of perfect comfort.

The interior of the spacecraft was divided into different layers, the lowest containing 24 scout craft, ground vehicles, and equipment. The second level contained gardens, living areas, recreational rooms, study areas, and a meeting hall. The floor was covered with a form of pliant plastic-like substance and there were beautiful wall paintings. The Venusians grew their fruits and vegetables fresh on the ship using solar energy. A see-through wall gave a full view of space to the travelers.

Ancient writings on Venus contacts

There are scientists who theorized that Venus could have once had an atmosphere like Earth has today, before a huge "greenhouse effect", greatly changed the atmosphere and raised temperatures. Why is it that most ancient civilizations in our school history books left written records clearly stating that they were in contact with visitors from Venus? The Sumerians [Enkidu was said to have blue eyes and Golden hair, Jeroen], Babylonians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis, prehistoric Andeans, and peoples of ancient India and Tibet ALL claimed that they were taught civilization from sky people and gods in flying machines from Venus, back in the days before there were government and military intelligence agencies to "cover up the truth." Robbert Charroux, a great French prehistorian, who spent decades studying ancient writings around the world, detailed the ancient Venusian colonizations on Earth and their intervention with human evolution here, in six volumes of books that are currently so suppressed they are not available in U.S. bookstores or by order. I have studied these volumes in great detail, and they are backed up by carvings and drawings of advanced technology and space travel found in many nations. In large national libraries in Asia there are also many ancient histories over 4,000 years old, which explain in great detail Venusian spacecraft, their pilots, their missions on Earth, intervention in Earth affairs, and involvement in ancient interplanetary wars fought on Earth. Some of these writings explain the method of propulsion of these alien craft in great technological detail, which sounded like legend until recent scientific discoveries proved this science was accurate. Among these ancient writings are the BOOK OF DZYAN, VAIMANIKA SASTRA, VYMANIKA SHAASTRA, MAOSOLA PURVA, etc. Furthermore, a famous 1950s anthropologist/archaeologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson, published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts, hidden in a temple high in the Andes of South America, detailing Venusian landings, contacts, and intermingling with Earthians in ancient times.

High in the Andes Mountains are ruins of one of the oldest cities ever excavated, Tiajuanaco, where there are monolithic ruins so incredibly constructed, that archeologists cannot explain how they could have possibly been constructed by ancients. Inscriptions found there have been translated to state that in the dawn of civilization, a golden spacecraft from Venus landed there, occupants emerged from the craft, and a beautiful Venusian woman began teaching the primitive Indians in the basic skills of civilization! (see Charroux's book ''ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS OF MAN'S UNKNOWN HISTORY.")

Why were so many of the human-appearing "gods" detailed in ancient cultures said to come from Venus? Why were Venusians usually described as being tall, blonde, blue-eyed good-looking Nordic types?

Did some immense cataclysm destroy civilization and the atmosphere on the SURFACE of Venus, causing survivors to flee to Earth, where they tried to colonize Earth, and control the natives by claiming to be Gods? Did primitive ancient Earth rulers and their followers believe the Venusians were gods, angels, and other super-beings because they did NOT UNDERSTAND the ultra-advanced space-age technology that only seemed like "miracles" to primitive minds? Did Venusian technology destroy an atmosphere similar to ours and create the runaway greenhouse effect NASA reports today, and our scientists admit "could also happen on Earth?" And was there a Venusian technology that was so far advanced, that they had interplanetary travel over four thousand years ago(and up to 18 million years ago in some ancient writings), also able to construct deep underground bases or even cities on Venus, protected from the atmosphere on the surface TODAY, from which they send UFOs to Earth?

Can we BELIEVE what NASA tells the PUBLIC about conditions on Venus, when this government funded and created (controlled) civilian agency releases data about Venus that GREATLY CONTRADICTS what Soviet spacecraft reportedly found there and data that civilian university scientists released? Why are there so many great disagreements between scientists concerning the temperatures, atmospheric pressure, and content of Venusian air, in effect PROVING there is EITHER inaccurate transmitters sending back data, or a DELIBERATE cover- up of the TRUTH ABOUT VENUS by the same government that covers- up the truth about UFOs. It has been repeatedly proven that the CIA, AIR FORCE, and NASA have lied about UFOs because of hundreds of conflicting and scientifically impossible press releases they have issued about particular sightings well as the many directors of their investigations who retired and then publicly told the TRUTH in books, lectures, and interviews. There are hundreds of documents, books, and videos by these former officials, intelligence agents, NASA leaders, and research agencies in the Library of Congress, in Washington D.C., that any citizen is free to review. You may also learn about government secrecy, cover-ups, and belief in= extraterrestrial spacecraft by declaring the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] and demanding Project Bluebook, Project Sign, Project Grudge, MJ-12 [Majestic-12] , the 1960s Air Force Academy pilots instruction manual, etc......all proving craft considered to be from other worlds are coming to Earth! It follows that if there is a cover-up of the existence of flying saucers, there would also be a cover-up of where they came from, including a base on Venus.

Theoretically, an easy way to hide any discovery of advanced space beings on Venus, would be to tell the public that human life on Venus is impossible because it is too hot with a crushing atmosphere and sulfuric air. Most of the public is gullible and would believe that press release because they believe their government, in spite of the FACT that it has been caught lying by the big newspapers thousands of times! Since most Americans do not do scientific research nor research university data looking for facts and contradictions, they are not aware that several expert scientists contradicted NASA data about Venus. And how many Americans remember when their Assistant Secretary of Defense, Arthur Sylvester, told the press it is all right for the government to lie to the American people in the "interests of national security."

Due to all the secrecy between governments, who told witnesses to E.T. contacts or the documentation it was secret because the public would PANIC(official version), the Venusians had to find another method to prove their presence. On July 4th Independence Day in 1952, they took part in the famous UFO airshow over Washington D.C. flying in formation for Congress, the Pentagon, President, and national PRESS over the White House! This sighting made international newspaper headlines and the six o'clock national television news! Video footage was on national TV! The incident was widely believed by the public until MJ-12(the secret government Interplanetary Embassy) hired the prominent astronomer Menzel to invent a hoax explaining away the sighting with too many witnesses. The disinformation released to the PRESS to hide the truth was that the truth was that the UFOs flying in triangular formations were a "temperature inversion", a weather atmospheric illusion of light reflections caused by air of different temperatures in layers with clouds. Most Americans, who because of lack of research are ignorant and gullible, swallowed this story. All people really needed to do to learn truth was to go to any library and stare at a photo of a temperature inversion next to a news clipping of the UFO formations and see the great difference... a totally different appearance! And any intelligent investigator only had to ask the question of why did the Air Force panic and send up jet fighter aircraft to chase and try to intercept a temperature inversion? "How can a temperature inversion fly in perfect triangular formation at supersonic speeds, dodge and out- maneuver chasing jets, make 90 degree angle high speed turns, and landed disc-shaped flying lights under obvious intelligent control?"

Failing to convince the public after many low approaches over cities, when the Air Force called bell-shaped saucer craft with domes and portholes Swamp gas, meteorites, the planet Venus, birds that glow, fireflies, and other provable nonsense people believed! The Venusians reportedly gave several dozen Americans rides to prove their existence, including a few famous scientists, but the public laughed at these contactees when they reported Venusian messages, and the scientists were all afraid to speak in public for fear people would laugh at them and the ridicule would ruin their careers!

There was, however, one notable exception in Dr. George Hunt Williamson, a prominent archaeologist/anthropologist who first was involved in radiotelegraphy communications with Venusians with Lyman Streeter, that was published in the 1950's yet suppressed by the media- control agents. Williamson also spent over ten years living with the Incas in the Andes and many other Indian cultures in north and South America, who told them they were contacted by Venusians in ancient times. The Chief of the Hopis told of ancient and modern Hopi UFO contacts with Venusians, and how one of their saucers had landed on the Hopi reservation in the 1950s. The Aztecs told of human sacrifices at one of their pyramids, and how a Venusian spacecraft had arrived and given the priesthood one lunar month to end all human sacrifices. After a month the Aztecs failed to follow the Venusian suggestions, and chose to follow other gods (gray aliens?). So a beam of light shot out of the saucer and destroyed the sacrificial pyramid!

How could anyone explain how the Mayans had a PERFECTLY ACCURATE VENUSIAN CALENDAR when the Spanish conquistadors invaded their land...a calendar not known or proven to be accurate by modern science until the 1950's! The Incas told of the golden spacecraft that had landed in the Andes and taught them civilization, Pizarro's invading army took that story back to the King and Queen, and it was censored because "it was not in the Bible." In his book Secret Places of the Lion, Dr. George Hunt Williamson tells how he found an ancient manuscript; in an old temple high in the Andes, that detailed Venusian colonies and aid to Earth in prehistoric and ancient times, and how some of their ships rescued enlightened survivors" from EARTHQUAKES, TIDAL WAVES, FLOODS, AND AXIS SHIFTS. Belief in Venusians was common and normal in ancient times before government and religious(Vatican) censorship!

So why don't the Venusians land on the White House Lawn? According to Venusians, attempts to land in cities have resulted in Earthlings trying to kill or capture Venusians, shoot at their spacecraft, and capture it for the technology Earth "locals" are too often hostile, unfriendly, and dangerous. Would YOU land inside a huge tribe of savage cannibal headhunters in the Amazon, who greet you with a meal and shrunken head in mind, in order to help them? They would shoot the darts and ask questions later, as so many dead missionaries have found! Sure Venusians can fight back with their superior ray-guns? The Venusians, however, say that they are TOTALLY NON-VIOLENT and would prefer to observe and help from a distance than to fight. Most of them have no karma on Earth and violence would only give them karma here! They solve problems with love...not war! And when in human bodies on this plane they indeed can be murdered by our weapons. So they needed to put on a spectacular show to the PUBLIC to prove themselves...not for the sake of their own egos, but rather to deliver their important message to ban all nuclear weapons, outlaw war, eliminate all pollution, and bring peace on Earth like they had already done on their home planet. The governments would not heed their advice. go to the people.


In 1952 the biggest UFO CONTACT STORY in modern history made headlines around the world, the daily radio and TV news, and major magazines. This contact was backed with so much shocking apparent evidence that the CIA/Pentagon/MJ-12 complex had a very difficult job trying to explain it away with their usual stupid explanations people=7F too often believe.

If you were a Venusian how would you logically chose an Earth ambassador? Would you look for a fanatical cultist or religious zealot, a government official depending on his reputation and paycheck, or someone with no background for such a mission? Or would you chose a devoted organized coherent scholarly man with devotion and a good heart?

George Adamski, a Mount Palomar amateur astronomer was far more DEVOTED than your average American. He spent months and years staying up all night on Mount Palomar, with cameras, looking for UFOs. He slept by day and searched for saucers with his telescope by night. In the early 1950s he began to see mysterious lights that over the months grew closer and closer, until Adamski eventually took some UFO photos that were so good they alarmed the Pentagon. Clear, close-up shots in daylight of metallic saucer-shaped craft with domes, portholes, landing gear, and all taking up full frames! Long cigar shaped mother ships unloading scout craft...all too clear and close to be called weather balloons, meteors, birds, swamp gas, etc. by Project Bluebook, the Air Force public UFO investigation, which REALLY was a public disinformation agency, according to its former scientific director Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

These photos were so good that the Air Force agency was unsuccessful at finding a believable explanation for them.

Adamski then claimed he was telepathically contacted by the pilots and sent on a mission to prove the Venusian presence and message to the world. He reportedly gathered five witnesses, including Dr. George Hunt Williamson(listed in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA) and went to the Mojave Desert for the proof. The group saw a mother ship off in the distance near Desert Center, California, went down a dirt road, and a scout craft departed and landed nearby. Adamski was met by a handsome youthful appearing Venusian man with shoulder-length blonde hair, who he described as "the beauty of his form surpassed anything I had ever seen. And the pleasantness of his face freed me of all thought of my personal self. I felt like a little child in the presence of one with great wisdom and much love. For from him was radiating a feeling of infinite understanding and kindness, with supreme humility." Now isn't that the opposite of the archetypal PENTAGON general or CIA Director? Would not those men do anything to make this divine mission look like a hoax? Be logical!

To try to learn fact or hoax I personally visited the home where George Adamski lived in Valley Center, California, and interviewed one of the witnesses, Alice Wells. Others in our department interviewed Adamski himself, something skeptics ignored. KODAK, experts in trick photography, concluded at their Washington DC laboratory, after expert analysis by trick photography specialist, that the photos showed real material craft hovering at a distance of the dimensions Adamski described, and could not find any evidence of fraud! Of course, the CFR/MJ-12 controlled national wire services suppressed that finding. Adamski also took 16 mm. film of the saucers flying at close range so one could clearly see they were spacecraft, and the national experts in trick photography, WALT DISNEY STUDIOS, who produced FANTASIA and other spacy movies....were unable to detect any evidence of fraud!

For further EVIDENCE, Adamski and the witnesses(who all had legal affidavits swearing this all happened), were given a piece of metal unknown to Earth scientists(which unfortunately military analysts ripped-off without publishing a conclusion). And how about this....U.S. Air Force jets were reported circling overhead watching this contact! Of course, they would not tell the public that. The pilot of the saucer also had some strange shoes. They left clearly indented hieroglyphics from the soles in the desert sand, which Dr. George Hunt Williamson made plaster castings of(we have these glyphs). Of course, the Air Force tried to tell people that Mr. Williamson invented these glyphs...a possibility until explorers found IDENTICAL glyphs on a very ancient ruin deep in the Amazon jungle in the 1970s...from no language known to our science. The hieroglyphics reportedly were the "key to the cosmos", and outlined how to build an anti-gravity electro-magnetic propulsion system for an interplanetary spacecraft, based on the Four Primary Forces of the Universe that are the foundation of all matter and energy. ..and the UNIFIED FIELD THEORY of Einstein completed. The glyphs were said to be in four-dimensional diagrams in the Temple of Higher Learning in the capital city of Venus.

The Venusian reportedly told Adamski to warn the public that atomic energy was far more dangerous than the public was lead to believe, and all nuclear testing should be banned...along with messages for peace on Earth and universal love, etc.

In November 1952 this contact was huge news in the international media and much of the public believed that historical contact had really been made with another planet. The clear photos appeared in many newspapers and magazines and Adamski was treated like a hero as he toured foreign capitals where many world leaders welcomed him...a welcome denied in the U.S. Capital and the U.N.

Unable to prove Adamski's evidence a hoax, the Pentagon simply used cheap talk and just called him a liar with nothing to support that charge. More than one attorney testified Adamski could have proven himself true in the Supreme Court if he had the chance. Eventually, in the 1970s the Air Force told the press ADAMSKI had filmed and photographed the top of a bottle cooler manufactured in England. This made the world news. However, the man who INVENTED THAT SAME BOTTLE COOLER SAID THAT IT DID NOT EVEN EXIST IN 1952! He said he did not invent it until1959. However, the major news services tucked that fact into a hidden little article tucked away in back pages between ads where few saw it.

Adamski claimed that later on the Venusian returned and took him for a tour of the back of the Moon and Mars, etc. on a spacecraft, and a book was written by Desmond Leslie complete with photos of saucers hovering over the Moon and Adamski gazing out of a porthole from the INSIDE of a saucer. In this book Adamski describes in great detail things seen in space and on the hidden side of the Moon that nobody could have possibly known about in 1952-56, because the first Earth satellites to orbit the moon and go to that body were in the 1960s! The astronauts sightings and photos verified that Adamski had accurate information. Adamski also described lakes, green vegetation, and clouds on the hidden side of the Moon as well as inhabitants. Official NASA photos taken by Lunar Orbitter I and the Apollo astronauts proved that these things are real.

These photos were not released by NASA to the press, however, can be obtained from NASA by researchers with credentials demanding these. Among these photos are those of large lakes with ponds on the Moon taken by Lunar Orbitter 4(photo numbers HR128, HR151- 3, and clouds in HR161-3 and (lots of clear white clouds in Lunar Orbitter 5 photo MR81. Patches of fog on the Moon can be seen in the Apollo 16 photo 16-758. Many professional and amateur astronomers have reported seeing flashing lights, triangular and cross shaped lights, moving lights, and weird walls or bridges on the Moon during the last 150 years, and this was all reported in newspapers and science magazines and journals and either never-read or forgotten by the public yet still on file in the Library of Congress for any researcher. Lunar Orbitter spacecraft and Ranger spacecraft photos also clearly show domes, spires, roads, and walls on the Moon when blown-up in size! Now NASA officially tells us the Moon is a dead world with no life of any kind and no clouds, no fog, no surface water. The photos say the opposite, and Adamski was right.

Another problem with busting Adamski is why other saucers, that look exactly like the ones in his photos, were photographed by other civilians in other states and nations in different years, who did not know each other, and often with their own witnesses. UFOs that look identical to Adamski's photos have been seen and photographed over Maui in the 1970s, with many witnesses. One cigar shaped mother-ship type was seen by a large crowd in Lahaina in 1970 and photographed, and it looked like one Adamski photographed in the early 1950s. The Air Force tried to explain it off as a guided missile launched from Kauai. However, the missiles are not supposed to fly over Lahaina, and they do not even look like these mother- ships in these photos. One of these mother-ship type UFOs was filmed by Hollywood movie producer Chuck Wein, on Maui, in 1970. Another one of these so-called Air Force missiles was seen unloading smaller scout craft over Haleakala Crater, Maui, in 1972, by Marama B. and her friend Ruth who did research for our department. A bell-shaped Venusian type saucer came down low over Lahaina in May 1972 before many witnesses. Madellein Kodeffer took a clear photo of a Venusian scout craft identical to Adamski's in Silver Springs, Maryland, in 1965(WE HAVE IT ON FILE). Tom O'Bannon photographed one of these bell-craft in 1957 near Winona, Missouri. Mr. Bill Clenderson witnessed similar craft separately. Many witnesses who investigators proved did not know each other, in different parts of the world, drew these bell-craft accurately after seeing them close-up. On February 15,1954, two English boys photographed one of these bell-craft(Stephen Darbisher was one). We could go on and on. There are just too many photos of the same type of craft to ignore from too many different people in too many different places over too many years...and all the Air Force can do is ignore all of that and hope you are too busy to do your own thinking and research.

The AIR FORCE also had a more difficult time dealing with prominent men like WILBURT B. SMITH of Project Magnet(who they chose to ignore) and Dr. George Hunt Williamson, who they tried in vain to discredit. His associate Lyman Streeter was silenced by the CIA, while WILLIAMSON reportedly was on a "hit list" of 17 men who "knew too much and talked too much." Williamson fled to the remote Andes mountains in the 1960s and 1970s to escape, and according to Alice Wells(Adamski witness) was back in America using a disguise in 1975. In spite of a rumor that Williamson(disguised as Brother Philip from a monastery in the Andes) was dead, he contacted the 1973 Director of our Department of Interplanetary Affairs, Gabriel Green, in the mid 1970s, and was in low-profile in Santa Barbara, California. Where he is today, we do not know. According to an Army Intelligence 1950s UFO investigator on OAHU, Sgt. Willard Wannall, Williamson had fled to South America to escape CIA assassination that 16 others had been victimized by such. Why would Williamson, who claimed to be in contact with a secret Venusian base in South America and with Adamski be silenced, have to flee, and use a disguise if this case were not true?


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