The Symbolism of the True Hebrew Alphabet
by Walter Kenaston
through the grace of IAUE Aleim

Last update: 28 August 2009


The Hebrew alphabet comprise symbols which stand for and honor IAUE and His works, symbols for man in his modes, and other concepts. The letters with a straight up and down stroke symbolize the Creator and His uprightness; there are exceptions. Man is symbolized by a bent up and down line to make note that man, though made in the image of IAUE, has a bent for sin.

These letters, though adequately figurative of the intended object, are meant to be sufficiently simple and distinct to be chisled into stone. (This in stark contrast to the modern symbols.)

I believe the ordering of the modern Hebrew letters is not that of this original "paleo-"Hebrew, as it is termed today, the purported order in Psalm 119 notwithstanding. I believe IAUE has led me and enlightened me in this, the Psalms confirming the ordering for me being numbers 89 and 90 - in triplets. I believe I have listed the Hebrew letters in their correct order, their symbolism matching the themes of the first twenty-two chapters of Genesis. This progression of themes can be seen in the chapters of other books of the Bible, certain passages, and the ordering of the Bible books themselves. (I believe the original order of the Old Testament is as it is in the Jerusalem Bible.)

Note: I believe the covenant name of Aleim is spelled I-A-U-E, using the pure vowel sounds as one finds in Spanish, for example. The modern spelling of YaHWeH using consonants sounds like IAUE to the unattentive ear.


(Aleph) The Upright of Israel speaks. Also, a battle axe.
(ah) position 1; value 1, also 1000
means: ox

Gen 1: Aleim speaks into existence the creation.


(Bayth) An unrolling scroll; Blessings for the Righteous.
(b) position 2; value 2
means: house

The unrolling scroll symbolizes revealed truth.

Gen 2: The account of Adam and Eve.


(Shiyn) The Serpent; also the seas; Women; Sacrifice; Brute force.
(sh) position 3; value 3

The Serpent can be seen by adding head and rattles to the ends of the shiyn. It also represents the waves of the seas, turmultuous with ever-changing winds. This indeed represents the maritime law under which we suffer today. The water of the sea stands as a false or substitute water of life (see Mem).

Gen 3: The Serpent beguiles Eve; the fall; punishment of sins.


(Zayin) The uniting/contrast of the heavenly with the earthly; Adversaries.
(z) position 4; value 4
means: hook

Heaven, the upper horizontal line, and earth, the lower line, are united by Christ on the crucifixtion stake. Generally, this symbolizes the uniting of opposites. The name also means "hook" as evidenced by the little downward hook sometimes included at the right end of the lower line.

The modern Hebrew word "Vav", however, is that which encompasses this meaning and it also means "hook". This is why I believe this letter's position, or perhaps just the name, was switched in the modern alphabet with the Vav.

Gen 4: The account of Cain and Abel, who evidenced a base and a lofty character, respectively; Abel rendered proper sacrifices, Cain did not; Cain murders Abel.


(Yode) The arm; Works; Measurement.
(Construction/Ordering, Reconciliation[as father towards prodigal son], Forgiveness)
(long e; y) position 5; value 5

This is the arm with the upper arm level and the lower arm upright, thumb and fingers separated. Symbolizes counting, as one counts with ones fingers. The length of the average man's arm also became the length of measure known as the "yard", and the letter also symbolizes measurement.

The position and value correspond to the number of digits on a hand.

Gen 5: The account of man, formed and given Breath of Life, from Adam to Noah's sons, length of years given.


(Daleth) Door latch/knob; Man's actions/reactions toward IAUE.
(Fear of IAUE, entering IAUE's house)
(d) position 6; value 6

Six is historically recognized as the number of man. Three sixes (the infamous 666) might reflect man's attempt to create through his actions his own god and salvation.

Gen 6: Noah builds ark as directed by IAUE.


(He) The Upright One leans to give His breath of Life; sustaining love.
(e) position 7; value 7

Gen 7: Noah told to go into the ark; flood comes (IAUE sustains them all).


(Vav) A short sword, as for dividing good from evil; the Word;
Salvation/ Judgement/ Purification.
(u,v) position 8; value 8

Male babies are to be circumcised (the application of the knife) when eight days old as a sign of separateness.

Gen 8: IAUE remebered Noah and sent a wind to cause the flood waters to recede, Noah and family have been separated from the previous evil world.


(Teyth) The Eternal, never changing Elohim (circle) with Christ (see Tav), Holiness, Kingship.
(th) position 9; value 9

Nine is recognized as the number of completion, as it is the number which completes the digits.

Gen 9: IAUE covenants with Noah; Ham "sees" father's nakedness...


(Cheyth) Grasping of arms, hand on wrist; Family/Brotherhood; Help, (plural) Gratitude.
(h/ch) position 10; value 10

This letter symbolizes the grasping of arms, hand on wrist, as when one holds onto another to keep him from falling and pull him up.

The position and value correspond to the number of digits on the two grasped hands.

There are ten Commandments. The tabernacle has ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue. Each frame of the tabernacle is ten cubits long.

Gen 10: Son's of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, all sons named. This chapter first uses the word meaning 'generations'.


(Camek) Strips inflicted on the Upright Christ, also Christ the True Vine; Strife, Choice, tending vine.
(s) position 11; value 20

Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob; he was sold by his brothers for 20 sheckles of silver.

Gen 11: Tower of Babel account.

(Lamed) Shepherd's crook; Guidance; Ownership,Compassion,Love
(l) position 12; value 30

The sheperd uses a crook to guide and lead the sheep. It also stands for ownership - the word represented by lamed means "belonging to" - as the sheep are owned by the Good Shepherd.

There were twelve disciples, and Iashue first recorded appearance in the Temple was at age twelve. Christ began His ministry in, it is believed, His thirtieth year, corresponding to the value of the lamed. Christ, the Good Shepherd" was "sold" for 30 pieces of silver.

Gen 12: IAUE tells Abram to leave his homeland and go to a land He would show him.


(Kaph) Man, speaking out; Praise,Singing.
(k) position 13; value 40

The number thirteen, according to American Indian folklore, is the number of the Great Pale Teacher. Fourty is the number of man's judgement.

Gen 13: Because of quarreling of herdsmen, Abram and Lot separate; Abram told to walk land because IAUE is giving it to him.


(Nuwn) Man, with hand raised, as in weilding a weapon, or in swearing
an oath (to IAUE); Man's response to evil,Loyalty/Fidelity.
(n) position 14; value 50

Gen 14: Kings of east attack; Abram rescues Lot; Abram raises hand to IAUE, that he will not accept anything that belongs to the king of Sodom.


(Giymel) The Upright is a parasol or canopy for His people, perhaps a shield; in some forms, a roof (of a house), shelter, restoration, regeneration.
(g) position 15; value 60
means: camel?

Gen 15: IAUE declares Himself Abram's shield; IAUE's covenant with Abram; changes his name to Abraham.


(Ayin) The ear and ear of our creator; watchfulness of IAUE over those who cry out to Him.
(o) position 16; value 70
means: eye

Gen 16: IAUE heard of the misery of Hagar (verse 11); Hagar gave name to the One who spoke to her: "You are the God <sic> who sees me".

(Pe) Man, with head bowed to Sovereign King.
(p) position 17; value 80

Gen 17: Covenant of circumcision.


(Tsaday) Man on knees with head bowed to ground in worship.
(ts) position 18; value 90

This letter recognizes man is but dust.

Gen 18: Three visitors appear to Abraham; he bows low to the ground.


(Kof) The Upright Christ with a crown of thorns; destruction.
(q,f?) position 19; value 100
means: head

The value of this letter matches the sum of the squares of the room dimensions of the Chamber of the Open Tomb of Ressurection in the Great Pyramid, commonly called the King's Chamber.

Gen 19: Sodom and Gemorrah destroyed.

(Reysh) The flag or standard of our Creator; IAUE's Law.
(r) position 20; value 200

This stands, as flags do, as the symbol for the Law with which we are governed. (The flag flown over a ship let everyone know that the law represented by that flag will govern all contracts made on the ship.)

Gen 20: Abimalech took Sarah for a wife, but does not go near her; IAUE afflicts him; Sarah returned, with gifts for recompense. (Abimalech recognized the Law.)


(Mem) The well-spring and river of Life (Christ); factors which bring life.
(m) position 21; value 300

This represents the spring of the water of Life, and river of Life flowing from the Throne.

Gen 21: Issac born; Hagar sent away; treaty at Beersheba to confirm Abraham had dug the well.


(Tav) Christ broken; also the (traditional) cross fallen over.
(t) position 22; value 400

Gen 22: Abraham tested by being told to offer his only son as a sacrifice; IAUE "will provide a lamb for the burnt offering", and with the ram caught in thorns, alludes to Christ's sacrifice.