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'Patriot' Information

"What is it that Gentlemen wish?  What would they have?  Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take, but as for me,
- Patrick Henry -

Aesop's Fables
The Lion and the Three Bulls
The Trees and the Ax

Law of Nations, Ch. XIX - One's Country, and Various Matters Relating to It. - definitions of 'citizen', 'resident', etc.

Word definitions:
Resident     Misters     Esquire     Lawyers     Individual       Person    Natural Person - TBD    Identity   Contributions     Important Words    Conspiracy        Attorneys       

Notes on Making Law   Notes on Statute Law   Index to the Federal Statutes
Public Law versus Private Law - TBD
       Private Law Conferences
       Private International Law Conference - Hague
Extraterritorial Extent of U. S. Laws - ...
Removal of Causes - Notes on removal of cases from state to federal courts
Due Process versus Procedural Due Process - TBD
Lady Justice - ...

2nd Amendment Quotes - ...
To Preserve Liberty - A look at the the right to keep and bear arms

Grand Jury - Essay by George J. Edwards, Jr.

Declaration of Independence    Articles of Confederation    Kentucky Resolutions    Constitution of No Authority
The Missing Article of Amendment the 13th - ???
What's the name of the country? - "United States of North America"

The Northwest Ordinance

Quotes from the Founding Father's - from ChuckBaldwinLive

Notes on the Constitution -
U. S. Congress, a pagan society - ...
The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation - a G.P.O. page
Index of Constitutional Provisions - from University of Chicago

U. S. Census - What happened to the states?
United States Historical Census Data Browser - University of Virginia

District of Columbia - ...
       Excerpt from Metropolitan Railroad Company v. District of Columbia, 132 U.S. 231 (1889) - ...
       Excerpt from District of Columbia v. Henry E. Woodbury, 136 U.S. 472 (1890) - ...

Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights Enforcement Sites - ...

Bill of Rights - ...

The War Powers of Abraham Lincoln      Articles on the causes of the Civil War - ... The American Ceasar - ...
       Our Status In America         Lincoln Post Assasination Body Count
Slavery in the United States                     The Lieber Code - ...
The United States is still a British Colony - ...
Department of State - ...
1867 Attorney General Opinion - ...
Jews in the Civil War - ...
Abraham Lincoln a racist? - from telegraph.co.uk

Presidential Power - ...
War Powers Resolution of 1973 - ...
What is "War"? - ...
   Oaths of Enlistment and Office - from the Office of the Chief of Military History
   Volunteering for Selective Service - ...
   Involunary Servitude - "thus one can only assume Group Ia individuals (civilians) are never informed that they may become human military research subjects"
   Case Study of Apparent Waiver - The human research subject resource pool, which includes children, is the same for both the public researcher (National Institute of Health (NIH) funded) and the private researcher, but their human research reporting policy differ, that is, they are respectively compulsory and voluntary.
   Informed Consent - An abstraction of informed consent in the U.S.A. (chart)
       Serbia Info - ...
       Concentration Camp info - ...
PFN Concentration Camp - documents, pictures and links

The U. S. is Bankrupt (from e-mail)
       U.S. under chapter 11. "Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government." - March 17, 1993 Globe, p. H 1903
HJR-192 - ...

So Many Conspiracies - ...
History of the New World Order - ...

Is Texas a Territory? - a bankruptcy court in a state of the union must be an Article III court

Puerto Rico - Why is George Bush the president of Puerto Rico, which is elected by the Senate of Puerto Rico?

Vas Vegas IRS seal is similar to USPS sealNothing Succeeds but Success - provides historical background of our taxation system
A Brief History of Income Tax - not complete
      Prohibition, Its Repeal, and 27 USC - the regulations for enforcing tax liens are inoperative in the States
      Definition of "Wages" - Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act defines "wages"
      The Classification Act of 1923 - defines "employee", "service" and "compensation"
      Internal Revenue Code of 1939 - repealing all previous internal tax acts and re-enacting
      Public Salary Tax Act of 1939 - amends definition of "gross income", "officer or employee", etc.
      Victory Tax (contiguous countries) - individuals in states did not pay income tax before 1942
         The New Victory Tax Brochure - Refunds made when the War is over???
      Trick of the 'Trade or Business' 

     W-4 is Voluntary! 
Investigating The Federal Income Tax: A Preliminary Report (follow link to dl PDF file, may be IRS trap)
Employee, Employed, Employable - TBD
   Definition of "employee" for S.S. per Congress       S.S. Handbook

IRS Seals (from 26 CFR 301.7514-1)
Notes on challenging the IRS - TBD
Tax Levy Case Win
Notes on IRS Liens - not completed
IRS can't lien land? - from e-mail
Instructions to obtain lien certification from D.C. - see if IRS has actually filed one
   D.C. lien certification form - ZIP'ed Word document, print form on legal paper
Order to Show Cause paperwork - the papers to file to get the IRS lien off
CC Order in my case - dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction??
Notes on Order to Show Cause
- to remove IRS "lien"
       Abatement - Man beats IRS      Randy Lee explains case

Notes on Social Security - not completed
Social Security = Mark of the Beast - an excellent study, by Steve Miller
       The Charagma vs. The Card - "Slaves in the market place were given dried clay tablets to identify their owner, their qualifications and origins. ... [T]hey ... protected the slave from unwarranted detention as he traveled through the public streets on errands for his master. That etched document was referred to as a charagma which was a badge of servitude."
       The Church of Social Security - volunteering to let government fullfill the church's responsibilities
       Bretton-Woods Agreement - TBD ... More on Bretton-Woods - ...
       The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 - Statutory Instrument 1997 (No. 1778)
       Social Security Number Allocations - from the SSA
       Why Revoke Your Social Security Number? - ...
       No Social Security Number Required - Did you know that there is no law requiring you to obtain, have or use a social security number to live or work in the United States?
Social Security brochure from 1958 - from J. Hardin

Notes on the Federal Reserve - TBD
Federal Reserve Act - not finished
Federal Reserve Act - external link
Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional - ...

TN1ArmSalute.jpg (1686 bytes)The U. S. Flag - inspired by East India Company flag and adopted as the marine/commercial flag
     War Flag v. Peace Flag        Flag Symbology - TBD       the Flag of the United States
     Troop7 - Historic Flags    Texas Republic - Flag of Peace     Fringe on Flags (US)
The Pledge of Allegiance - shows government is military & commercial
   Strange Origin of the Pledge of Allegiance - the Bellamy Salute
   What is a citizen of the United States? - not complete
The United States = New Roman Empire?            Expatriation Act - Act of July 27, 1868

Civil form of the U. S. flag - almost forgotten and lost?
Civil flag flown under military flag in Eagle, Alaska (May, 1997)

podept.jpg (11235 bytes)The Last Word in Mail Addressing - a Post Office department publication
Federal Jurisdiction Abbreviations - the two-letter State abbreviations
General information on General Delivery - not finished
      USPS History (USPS)      History of the Post Office      Towns with no ZIP code (broken)      Two Cent Postage     J.W.Westcott II    

Notes on Legal Time - solar, railroad or commercial
     Purpose of Standard Time Act, 1948 Amendment       The Official U.S. Time - U.S. Gov site   End Daylight Savings Time   
Notes on the Calendar - do "sovereigns" keep the Julian calendar?
British Statutes on the Year - the English calendar verses the Gregorian

Our Enemy the State
USA vs. US Comparison Chart
Foreign Soverein Immunities Act - Notes / not completed

Notes on Zoning - ...

Notes on the Federal Court System - not complete
     Judiciary Act of 1948 - the basis for the current federal court system
     Omitted Sections of Title 28 - omitted, not repealed
     Judiciary Act of 1789 - not the full act...
Federal Courts
     LII: Overview on Admiralty
     Admiralty Jurisdiction - Extension (1948)
     Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 (Federal Tort Claims Act)

Birth Certificates - from e-mail
Were you "Born Alive"? - last update: 24Apr1999     Are you a "Natural Child"?     Bastards (Illegitimate children)
The All-Caps Name - indication of being a "security"?
It's All In The Name - about the all-caps name from Lawgiver.org
(duplicate)  Abatement - Man beats IRS      Randy Lee explains case

Bureau of Land Management information - ...
Know Your Land Rights - ...
Land Rights - Exerpts from "Do You Own Your Land?"
Listen to Senator Madsen on Land Patents on Real Audio.

CAFR Man! - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report investigator!
CAFR Man's report on Florida: www.cafrman.com/Articles/Art-FL-S1.htm

Florida Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Gateway

Money? - The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

VOTESCAM - the Stealing of America, with James Collier

The British Legal System of mixed Common Law and Roman Law -
Notes on Common Law in Florida - not completed
Foreword by Guy Botts on Common Law compilation - where to find a compilation of the common law
Contents of the compilation of British Statutes by Leslie A. Thompson
Common-Law Trusts - from Florida Jurisprudence

Florida Constitutions - F.S.U. link
Notes on Florida as a State - not in the Union
Florida Legal Notices - Summary of Florida Laws on Legal Advertisements
Substantive Due Process v. Procedural Due Process - where some of your rights are hidden
Florida Legal Procedure Names - in 1955 A.D., changed style for statutory causes, but not those in law
Florida Service of Process - About service of process
Rule Making in Florida - Rules required by agencies to enforce statutes
Florida Sunshine Law - requirements to conduct public business in the public eye
Florida Sunset Law - testing if an agency is serving the people
Florida County Courts - not what you thought
Florida Judge's Oaths - obtaining a certified copy
The Florida legislature's December 9th, 1971 adjournment sine die - the executive/administrative government takes over
Florida Institute of Technology Library Goverment Links - ...
Which Florida is Which? - TBD
Notes on Spheres of Government - last update: 21Feb1999
Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board - started out as the Florida Watchmakers' Commission
Florida No Sales Solication Telephone List - have your telephone number put on a "no call" list
Waiver of Sovereign Immunity - Chapter 67-2204 (Florida)

Florida History - A Vignette of Florida's Heritage

Florida Resorces:
Florida Statutes -
Florida Administrative Code -
Florida Rules of Court -
Florida Lawyers Resource Center -

Traffic in Florida - collection of material on the "right to travel," and of Florida traffic laws
      Interstate "Free"ways        Driver Licensing vs. the Right to Travel       Vehicle Registration in California        Driver or Traveler?       Residents for Florida Traffic Purposes       Unlawful Speed in Florida      Bicycles in Florida      Federal Driver License?      Federal DL-2        
National Motorist Association
Just Say NO To Traffic Tickets - ...
Web site of Jim McIver - see D.L. article

Notes on Police
The Police and You
       Police Have No Duty To Protect You
Illegal Search - ...

Privacy Rights - ...

Police Not Liable - from e-mail

Thug Proof Your Home

Echelon - No Telephone Privacy        Interception Capabilities 2000


See also Walter Library Annex - ...

More Links
Legal Information Institure (Cornell)       U.S. Judicial Branch Resources (L.o.C.) - ...
A Century of Lawmaking - ... L.O.C. repository of early Congressional documents (including Statutes At Large)!
Federal Judiciary Link - maintained by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the U.S. Courts.
Bracton's de Legibus - thirteenth century law text
The Avalon Project - documents galore
Rutger's American and British History Resources - ...
Britannia History Resources - ...

Dred Scott - ...
Slaughter House Cases - ...
Against The Grain Press - The Informer, Montgomery, etc. "Those who say it cannot be done should not interfere with those of us who are doing it" -S. Hickman
I Smell A Rat - US Constitution from anti-Federalist position of Patrick Henry
The Tax History Project - ...

The World of Brutus - ...
AllStates Flag and Banner Company - has history of flags
Bouvier's 1856 Law Dictionary - ...
Citizen's Rule Book - ...
Anti-Shyster - ...
There4IAm - ...
Law Reasearch and Registry - ...
Law Dictionary links - ...
Grugyn Silverbristle - ...
Research Library - ...
Anti-Federalist Papers      Liberty Library
The Dixieland Law Journal - Becraft Briefs
The Grass Roots Journal Online - ...
Tim's Web Page of Education - legal history
Reasearch-It!        Jurisdictionary        Legal Lexicon's Lyceum
Perseus Project - Tufts University (Latin & Greek)
Willie's World Gov. Links
Grandfather Economic Report Homepage
Mind-Trek - ...
'Paranoia Will Destroy Ya' (WH page w/ Exec. Orders) - ...
   EO's from January 21, 1961 - ...
Conspiracy Theory Research List archives - ...
Bilderbergers - ...
The Soundex System - ...
Illuminat News - ...
Appraisal of Technology for Political Control - ...

The Militia Watchdog - a great site for links

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