The Universal Golf Club

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The UNIVERSAL CLUB an Adjustable Golf Club. 
Play The game with 1 Universal Golf Club and 
enjoy walking the course. Save Fuel, Speed Play,
lose weight. Play with  the original investment 
cast  adjustable Golf Club,  The Universal Club.

The Universal golf club is different from other
adjustable golf clubs available today. The teeth 
are set at 3.3 degrees to allow for more accurate 
loft settings than other adjustable golf clubs. 
The axis of the Universal Golf Club  is set at an
angle from the sole to provide the correct lie 
angle for each club selected. The locking lever is
hidden behind the shaft. The over sized head 
allows for a larger sweet spot. 

All these features and still at D-0 swing-weight 
with a 38 1/2  inch regular or travel shaft. Your 
game can become more consistent by using a 
club w
ith the same shaft length and head weight 
for every shot.  
Because of the precise lofts, auto 
lie angle, separate putter face and left or right 
use, we call it... 

For more information call

Universal  Golf Club, please call us at  1-855-663-4766.

The Universal Club has 38 usable lofts, including Putter lofts.


38 1/2" open   -   20 " closed   -  D-0  Swing weight