Family and Friends
This is Hugh's family.  Jeff is on the left and Terry in the upper center.

Of course I think that you can figure out where Hugh and Barbara might be in this picture.

Terry is four years older than Jeff, and is a software engineer at Xerox.  He works on the software for forward products. This web site was constructed with Terry's help. 

Jeff is a digital effects artist and worked 7-years for Pacific Title/Digital.  He now works for Rhythm & Hues.  Jeff's name appears on the credit line for some of the major movies.

Barbara is retired from Trico Industries which was a manufacturer of tooling for oil drilling operations.

This family photo was taken by Jeff in December 2007.  From left to right, are:

       Jeff,  Brie,  Barbara,  Hugh,  Frankie,  Michelle  and  Terry

This photo of Hugh and Barbara was taken in 2008.
This is Terry and Michelle.  They were married on January 2, 2000 at an outdoor wedding facility in Ft. MacArthur, San Pedro, California.  The scenery and view of the ocean on their wedding day was absolutely beautiful.  The reception was held indoors with the dinner catered by the facility.  Terry and Michelle performed a choreographed dance to the delight of the guests that would have made Fred and Ginger envious. 

They have purchased a very nice 1630 sq ft house in Belmont Shore (Long Beach).
Terry has received several patents for his software developments.

terrymichellefrank.jpg And now there are three!  Frank was born on May 22, 2001.

He lives in Belmont shore (Long Beach) with his parents, Terry and Michelle.  Here are pictures of Frank.  The picture on the left is at 14 months.  The one on the right was taken in January 2008.


This is Jeff and Brie.  They were married on April 24, 2004 in Pismo Beach, California.

Jeff continues to work as a digital compositor in the movie industry.  He is a supervising compositor for Rhythm & Hues.

Brie has her own business as a massage therapist.
This is Norman, Hugh's brother.  He is retired from Hughes Aircraft and lives in Inglewood.

Norm's hobbies are machine shop metal working, electronics and ham radio. His callsign is K6YPD.

In his machine shop, Norm builds most of his own precision tooling that supports his lathe and vertical mill projects.

He has three cats (formerly strays) that he refers to as his livestock.

This is Hugh's cousin Wave who lives in Lawton, Oklahoma.  His callsign is W5SK.  He is a pediatric dentist and is still working for a living, but wishing he was retired like many of the rest of us. One of Wave's interests is driving and touring the country side in his motorhome.

This is Wave's wife Laura.  A large house has been purchased on  Lake Lawtonka, near Lawton, and most of Laura's time is spent on making it a home.

Hugh and our friend Trista.
Trista was formerly an interior designer for Nordstrom's Department Store located in Redondo Beach.  Her work showed up in the display windows and some of the internal non-merchandise displays.  She was promoted to Fragrance Visual Coordinator for several of the western States including Hawaii.

On October 2, 2004, she married Todd and the wedding was held at Pt Dume in the sand near the Pacific Ocean.

This is our friend, Heidi and the picture was taken during her trip to Holland. You can tell that she enjoyed sitting in the field of tulips (or maybe that's a vacation smile).

Heidi married Steve in May 2004 and now lives in St Louis along with her son, Dylan.

* Click here for Heidi's web page

This is Hugh's friend, Johnny who holds the callsign, WB6HYR.

Johnny lives in Torrance and is retired from Xerox where he was involved with the power systems group.

Johnny's hobbies include ham radio, computers, and radio controlled model airplanes.

This is friend Dave who holds the callsign W6MIK.  He is retired from Xerox and lives in Van Nuys with his wife Ann.

Dave and Hugh are frequently involved in a technical discussion regarding some aspect of an electronics project.  Most of the discussions are communicated via email, some times with attachments, which requires the honing of written communication skills to get across a technical point (and I need all of the help that I can get, Dave  - thanks!).

Hugh is involved in activities with additional friends.  Please visit the activities page by clicking here.

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