New Kitchen
A new kitchen was installed during the month of February 1998.  Actually, it took six weeks to tear-out the old kitchen, prepare the site, and then to install the new kitchen  including the appliances.  The work involved stripping the walls bare right down to the studs and removing the first layer of flooring creating a shell in which to start fresh.  The pictures shown below are pretty much descriptive of the before and after condition, although, the after pictures were taken prior to the completion of many details.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.
This is a before view of the sink and counter top area.  The box on the short wall is one station of the intercom system.
   This is a before view of the side opposite the 
This is a view of the new sink, dishwasher and counter top.  The counter top is a dark green butterfly granite.  Lower cabinets have full depth pull-out shelves.
This is a view of the range and microwave side.  A granite counter top surrounds the range.  The new cabinets are maple with adjustable shelves.
This is a view showing the full length of the kitchen.  Behind the refrigerator is the pantry cabinet that has full depth pull-out shelves. The washer and dryer are shown in this view.  In the picture to the left, the laundry room portion may be viewed on the right.
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