JPL is one of the many places that the XAR Club has visited.  The pictures shown here were taken at a May 1998 JPL Open House.  The number of exhibits and the environmental testing chambers visited were somewhat overwhelming.  As a result, only a few of the pictures are posted to show representative scenes.
The background shows some of the tents that were set up for a great number of exhibits.  Those characters shown are: 

Barbara  WA6EUB 

Hugh  W6WTU 

Norm  K6YPD

This is a working model of the Mars Rover.  It is remotely controlled so that it can move around.  This Rover was feasibility tested in the Mojave Desert area.  Its movement was demonstrated here.
This is another view of the Rover being demonstrated.
Another view of the exhibit tents and the fountain in the court yard.
This is a mockup of a space vehicle.
This is a space vehicle set up in an environmental chamber.  A walkway was provided for people for viewing access to all sides.
This is a view of the court yard and the mockup of a space vehicle.
The long line of people waiting to see the JPL movie.
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