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This is a picture of our house taken on 11/16/02.  A new house with a second story was being built across the street and it provided a beautiful view of our house and the background scenes of city and distant mountains. 

Hugh's XYL is Barbara and her call is WA6EUB. They have two sons, Terry, KC6VCL, and Jeff.

As a brief history, Hugh and Barbara moved into this house in 1959.  The size of the house was 900 sq feet and was a little small for raising a family.  A first addition was built in the rear of the house as a two story providing two lower bedrooms and a huge upper den/family room.  A deck was provided on the north and west sides of the den to allow external viewing of the Los Angeles basin.  A second addition was put on the front over the garage in 1974, as seen in the picture, that is now the master bedroom.  The total size of the house is now 2300 sq feet and is split onto four levels that is caused by the property slope of the hill on which it's located.

The kitchen was completely redone in 1998.  To view , click on kitchen.

Manhattan Beach is built on sand dunes and our house is on the fifth and last sand dune east of the beach.  Being on a sand dune, our property elevation is approximately 300 feet above sea level and the property to the north and east of us slopes downward providing us with a reasonably clear view of the skyline.  Our view extends from the northwest clockwise to the east providing a clear view of the mountains and the tall buildings in downtown Los Angeles.  Our only view obstruction is that caused by tall trees which flourish most of the year.  Our house is located south of LA Airport so that while sitting in our family room, we can watch the commercial airplanes arrive and depart.

This is a view of the mountains and downtown LA 14 miles away (just to the right of the crane) taken from the deck.  The large prominent structure is the Raleigh studios where a great number of TV shows and commercials are produced.  Of interest is the large crane that appears along side the studio.  It is the largest movable crane on the west coast and was used during the construction of the studios.
This is a view from the second story of a house across the street.  Take note of the mountains in the background.

Although not really clear, the tall buildings (14miles) in downtown Los Angeles are visible just to the left of the palm tree.

These pictures were taken in December when the sky was very clear.  Click on each frame to expand.  This is a view from Hugh's living room.
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