XAR Club Activities
The Xerox ham club is involved with many activites of a fun nature and the pictures on this page will so indicate.  This set of pictures are from the Club's 1995 Christmas banquet that was held at Coco's restaurant in Manhattan Beach. 

Click on the image to enlarge.

From left to right are: 

Barbara WA6EUB 
Norman K6YPD 
Terry KC6VCL 
Bruce N6XCN

Stan K6RMR 

Mike N6DBS


Jeri  (Marv's wife) 

Marv  KB6TYH

George  N6RVC 

George's wife 

Doug  WA6LXB 

John  N6JLS and daughter

Art  KD6JEG 

Marsha  KE6AZL 

Chong  KD6YOK 

George  N6RVC

Upper left: Mike  N6DBS 
                   Johnny  WB6HYR 

Bruce  N6XCN 
Terry  KC6VCL 
Norm  K6YPD 
Barbara  WA6EUB 


Raffle table of goodies

Doug  KK6OU 

Johnny  WB6HYR, tending the raffle

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