SDR-1000 software documentation

Overall architecture

A cut at the overall software architecture, and how PowerSDR fits together with portaudio, portio, dttsp, Windows, etc.

visio-flexradio1.pdf (23 aug 2006)

Here's a proposed new architecture, with a radio abstraction layer inserted between the UI and the low level hardware interfaces. The idea here is that this abstraction layer would expose interfaces with different variants for the different styles of use for the underlying radio. A CW radio needs keyers and such, but doesn't need audio equalization. A radio intended for use with third party digital modes software (like MixW,etc.) doesn't need much of an externally visible UI, but does need a robust remote control interface. By providing an abstraction layer, the UI writer doesn't need to care about changes that are implemented in other modes, because, to them, the radio is unchanging.

visio-flexradio2.pdf (29 Aug 2006)

For dttsp (the dsp core)

Note: these are probably obsolete by now, since they're based on a version from the end of 2005

sdr1000rev1.vsd (visio 5 diagram) of sdr.c (and a bit of update.c) showing flow of control and a bit of data flow

sdr1000rev1.emf (enhanced metafile)

sdr1000rev1a.pdf sdr1000rev1b.pdf Two pages of the above drawing as pdf.

Hardware interfaces

Hardware interfaces from printer port to SDR1000, giving port layouts, registers within AD9854, etc.

interfaces.pdf interfaces.gif interfaces.vsd


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