Construction details for 10GHz CW radar

This page has bigger photos and some construction details. Depending on your browser, not everything may fit.

Here's the overall assembly view. Originally, there were two PCBs one, on either side of the horn, with all the motion detector, tamper switch, and so forth, circuitry. Here, I improvised a pair of standoffs with some 8-32 hardware to hold up a piece of perfboard with the circuits. The TO-220 regulator is in the lower right of the board. The orange things are the 2.2 uF blocking caps. The Gunn diode is mounted in the middle of the brass disk on the right hand side. In this view you cannot see the mixer diode terminals.

Here's a closeup of the interface perfboard. I just soldered the coax from the stereo jumper cable into the circuit, and used some handmade twisted pair for DC power.

This is an end on view. You can just see the ends of the 1k ohm load resistors on the mixer diodes. The ground end of both resistors goes to one of the screws holding the WG flange to the horn. The angle isn't the best, but the vertically oriented screw in the front is the top of the Gunn diode. The lug behind it is the main ground lug for the casting, and the return for the Gunn diode and detectors. The thing covered in black shrink tubing is, I think (having not uncovered it), a filter capacitor for the Gunn.

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