Detail photos for Mobile installation

All photos and images copyright Jim Lux 2002

General view
Overhead detail of base of screwdriver antenna
Clamp detail

General View

General side view of the installation, showing the plate and aluminum tubes. I mounted the screwdriver antenna at the back of the plate, figuring I didn't need ground plane for it, and that the car body would be the counterpoise anyway. Later, I can stick an NMO mount in the middle of the plate for VHF and UHF. Who knows what sort of interaction there will be between the UHF whip and that big old pipe behind it?

Overhead view of matching transformer and antenna base

Sort of an overhead view of the matching transformer and the base of the screwdriver antenna. The white wire is a AWG 10 stranded ground wire that goes to the bolt holding the rack rails in place.

Mounting clamp detail


Detail of the U-bolt clamps. They're 5/16" bolts with 2" between the legs, which nicely straddles the bar of the Thule rack. I put vinyl tubing over the bolt for "anti squeak" and to protect the finish on the Thule rack. A bit of Loctite on the nuts will keep them from vibrating off.


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