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Professional and Amateur (Yes, I am a ham: W6RMK (Extra Class); but I also do radio stuff for a living, albeit at somewhat higher frequencies, typically)

This is a sub-web of my main website, which has lots of other information; some useful, some not. Perhaps you are looking for information on high voltage? You might want to take a look at my High Voltage Handbook





HF Phased Arrays - Why spend money on a rotator and that big multi element beam? Build a phased array instead, swing the beam in seconds, hide it from the neighbors. Also, some real potential for a portable antenna made from a bunch of dipoles and poles. I've done some preliminary work on an array of bent dipoles.

Radio related software - Antenna mutual impedance calculations, for instance (and more radio math)

For some of those modeling things, you might be interested in data on the dielectric properties of soil. Also some links to NEC related sites and using NEC to calculate Z and Y matrices.

The "Bucket Lindenblad", an omnidirectional (in the horizontal plane) Circular Polarized antenna for the 70 cm ATV band. The form is a 5 gallon poly bucket, and the elements are copper foil tape (although I don't know why wire and some other kind of tape wouldn't work.)

I built a 70cm beam for ATV based on designs from Cheap V/UHF antenna designs from the Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club.

900 MHz band helical antennas. I built these to work with Linx Technologies modules, but presumably, they'd work with almost any 900 MHz device. Helicals being pretty broadband, these antennas might also work with cellular frequencies, although, I can't imagine why you'd want CP cellphone antennas.


Amateur Television (ATV) - I've fooled a bit with it on 70cm band. I'm still looking for amateur DTV that's practical.

Portable and Field Ops - and see the mobile rig (still in progress on the new car) and screwdriver antenna pages (although, the screwdriver is on the old installation)

Some comments on mobile antennas, air drag, etc.

Stuff about the PCR1000 receiver. There's now a PCR1500 (goes to 3.x GHz, and probably fancier insides) that was just approved (on 27 Jan 2006) for sale.

Stuff about the SDR1000 from Flex-radio.


Over The Air Reception Devices (OTARD) - Stuff pertaining to the FCC rulings that preempt any city, county, or CC&R's regulating antennas designed to receive broadcast TV. Essentially nobody can make laws or rules prohibiting or requiring prior approval for a Yagi, or for a dish up to a meter in diameter.

Where is my car? (except that the hardware died, and I haven't put it back up) An explanation of how it's done using APRS. The APRS tracker uses a GPS, and here is an idea for using GPS to calibrate the frequency of a HF datalink. I've also started putting a mobile station in my car.

Some stuff on propagation. Path Loss equations

Some interesting info on radio astronomy - Radio Jove (decametric waves from Jupiter/Io) - meteor radar is also interesting (at least, I get interested every time there's a meteor shower, but haven't done anything for it yet. Maybe for 2002345 Leonids?)

An X-band CW radar based on a motion detector Gunnplexer type device.

GPS disciplined Frequency Standard HP Z3801 - how many things do you have at home that are accurate to 1 part per billion?


How to identify surplus ferrite components (and powdered metal), and data on toroidal inductors and transformers

Some stuff about RF relays

Diode Detectors

Earth Moon Earth

More Links

Direction Finding

Coax data

Grounding and grounds

Motion picture production frequencies


And, of course, a way to email me at: w6rmk@earthlink.net. You can also reach me at (805)241-3711, or fax me at (805)241-3701, but email is the best way.

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