The Bouvier in Art

Artwork by Carol Rauch, Philadelphia, PA.

Carol Rauch has very generously donated all of the artwork below for the express purpose of raising funds to benefit the Bouvier des Flandres. All proceeds from the sales of these products will go to the Beaucoup Bouvier Fund to help support non-profit organizations which benefit the Bouvier.


A Tribute to Beaucoup
By Carol Rauch

Wed, 11 Sep 2002

Beaucoup was euthanized on 9/10, at age 10 years 5 months. Please help me celebrate her life. These are some of her contributions to the Bouvier community.

++ If you have ever been on a BouvWalk, thank Beaucoup. She started the very first one, with just one other dog and four people, here in Philadelphia. From there it grew, and grew and grew - to over 70 people. And then inspired Bouvwalks all over the United States and Canada.

++ If you have ever supported Rescue through the purchase of note cards or holiday cards, thank Beaucoup. Without her impressive dignity and her deep, expressive eyes - the eyes of an old soul - I never would have started painting and drawing dogs. Beaucoup has raised thousands of dollars to help Bouvs in need.

++ If you have ever cared for a loved one in a hospital or life care home or AIDS facility, thank Beaucoup, and think of her. She brought joy and healing to hundreds and hundreds of people in her visits over many years. If you take your Bouv on therapy visits, think of Beaucoup and invite her spirit to join you.

++ If you love good food, think of Beaucoup during your next great meal, and invite her to have a taste. She was a gourmand of the first order, savoring her food - morsel by morsel - with immense discrimination and thorough enjoyment. She would moan in anticipation of an exceptional culinary meal.

++ If you know dogs who are dogs, and dogs who are half human, add Beaucoup to your list of the latter. Thank them all for being in our lives.

++ If you count me as a friend, thank Beaucoup. Because of her I have met dozens of Bouvier lovers through dog events, dog shows, and the internet. When I think of how much all of you mean to me, I thank Beaucoup.

Beaucoup was the ultimate Ambassadress of the breed - a Bouvier of great judgment, great beauty, extraordinary dignity, the ultimate minimalist, and trustworthy any time in any place with any people, if their intentions were honorable. She is the best friend I've ever had, other than my husband.

Beaucoup, you walk in my heart.


All artwork is available as both cards and prints.


The Bouvier in Art Series

Bouillabaisse for a Bouv




Cut it Out!


Demoiselles des Bouvignon


Five Dancers




High Class Picnic


Le Bouvoir


Keeping Them Honest



Looking at the Sea




On a Walk




Socializing the Puppy


Stalking a Papaya


St. Francis Blessing the Bouvier


Three Jungle Bouvs


Two Girls Admiring Themselves


Waiting for Lunch


Waiting for Vincent



Bed Bouv Series

Bed Bouv #1

w/Black Border

Image #21

Bed Bouv #2

w/Black Border

Image #22

Bed Bouv #3

w/Black Border

Image #23

Bed Bouv #1

w/Red Border

Image #24

Bed Bouv #2

w/Blue Border

Image #25

Bed Bouv #3

w/Green Border

Image #26



After Supper

Image #27

European Style

Image #28

FrogDog at the Door

Image #29

The Puppy

Image #30

Hanging Out

Image #31

Hanging Out w/Border

Image #32

In the Field

Image #33

Pillow Talk

Image #34


Image #35

Contemplation w/Border

Image #36


Image #37

Zoe on Rug

Image #38

Good Hair Day

Image #39

Good Hair Day 2

Image #40

Brutus at the Beach

Image #41

Ready for Spring

Image #42

Beaucoup at a Picnic

Image #43

New for 2008!


Image #44

New for 2008!

Zoe on the Run

Image #45

New for 2008!



Christmas Series

Christmas Tree

Image #50

Holly & Candy Canes

Image #51

Snow Play

Image #52

Santa's Sleigh

Image #53

Three Bouvs

Image #54

Puppy in Wreath

Image #55

Double Holiday Joy

Image #56

Euro Bouv in Wreath

Image #57



Brutus at Christmas

Image #59

Christmas at the Beach

Image #60

Waiting for Christmas

Image #61


Other Holidays

Cut it Out - Valentine's Day

Image #70

Cut it Out - St. Patrick's Day

Image #71

Hannukah at the Beach

Image #72

Click or Treat

Image #73

New for 2008!

Just a Smidgeon

Image #74


No Tricks, Just Treats

Image #75

New for 2008!



Coming Soon - Birthday

Jump for Joy

Image #80

Birthday Party

Image #81

Get Well

Image #82


Image #83

New Puppy

Image #84


Image #85

Coming Soon -

Thank You

Image #86




Price List/Product Order Instructions

PRINTS – 5” x 7”, matted to 8" x 10"
$18 for each (approx) 5" x 7" print matted to 8"X 10", your choice of color of mat board. Ready for framing in a standard 8" x 10" frame.
Photo quality paper, matte finish, full color.

PRINTS – 8” x 10”, matted to 11" x 14"
$30 each. Approx 8" x 10” print matted to 11" X 14", your choice of color of mat board . Ready for framing in a standard 11" x 14" frame. Photo quality paper, matte finish, full color.

Please specify title (or number) of image, number of prints and size of prints.


$2.00 each. Size 1/4” x 5 1/2". Heavyweight card stock, full color, includes envelopes.
Please specify name or title of cards and number of cards desired.

6 cards for $12.
Bed Bouvs – Black Border, 2 images of each of three prints.
Bed Bouvs – Multi-Color Border, 2 red, 2 green and 2 blue.
Please specify # of sets and color of border (black or multi-).

Please send your order via e-mail to I will calculate/verify the total and advise you of the postage cost via return e-mail. Orders can be sent via USPS Priority or First Class Mail.

Once you have received confirmation of your order, please mail your check or money order made payable to Cathy Jensen to:

Cathy Jensen
Beaucoup Bouvier Fund
4305 Biscay St NW
Olympia, WA 98502-3515

Phone: (360) 866-0528.

Credit card payments can be made through to account number: If you like, I can invoice you.

One hundred percent of the profits (minus expenses) from the sale of all items sold by the Beaucoup Bouvier Fund through this site or eBay go to help support not-for-profit organizations which benefit the health and welfare of the Bouvier. All artwork is donated by Carol Rauch; all time spent on production of art items is also donated. The only expenses associated with this endeavor are for art supplies and printing costs. The average cost of supplies and printing is currently 30 percent, meaning that 70 percent of the sales price goes directly to the fund. In the past we have contributed to small Bouvier Rescue organizations, small non-Bouvier Rescue organizations caring for Bouvier(s), the American Bouvier Rescue Leage (ABRL), individual Bouviers in need of costly medical procedures and Bouvier health research. If there is a particular organization that you favor, please let me know and I will send the proceeds to them. If you have no preference, the money will go into to the fund and be used for the next individual Bouvier or Bouvier Rescue group in need.

Carol and I thank you for your purchase in support of this worthy cause.

Cathy Jensen, Sofie and Mr. Mischa
Beaucoup Bouvier Fund
Olympia, WA

All artwork copyright by Carol Rauch, Philadelphia, PA.

Prints of archival quality, matted and backed, of the Bouvier in Art series, are available for purchase through Gallery Saint Martin. In addition, a limited number of select originals are available for purchase.

Inquiries should be made to Gallery Saint Martin: