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Located in the Central Valley of California in Stanislaus County
Enjoying painting in the outdoors.  
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PeggyKRworkshop .

Welcome to a new year of painting Plein Air in the Central Valley!! This year we will have at least two paint-outs a month. One on Saturday, so those of you who work weekdays can attend, and one on Thursday. Additional paint-outs or trips may be planned in the year, so check your email for updates.

We are looking for a venue to show our work. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Unless noted, feel free to come earlier or later than stated times. Usually someone will be painting. If weather is questionable, make your own decision. Some like to paint the fog, rain, wind, etc.

• Check your email or VSC Facebook page the day before scheduled paint-outs. Plans do change sometimes.

• Purchase maps of Stanislaus County and others. Keep them handy. Links to maps will be posted on VSC Facebook page for your convenience, but a county map will help if you get lost.

• Annual dues are $10 and you will receive a paper copy of our paint-out schedule and a membership roster.

Carpooling: If you would like to carpool please request a 2011 member roster.

We have a Facebook page. Join Facebook and get up-to-date news about the VSC and other painting events. If you are planning to go to a paint-out, you can respond in the events section of the Facebook page. This will be a easy way to communicate who is going, if you need a ride, or if plans change. Photos and maps of painting locations, and past paint-outs can be posted too.

Updated Oct 2014