New Directions in Cello Playing introduces natural, tension-free ways of playing. It presents anatomically improved techniques that prevent performance related pain and injury. Its innovative approach to body use increases efficiency and improves performance. The latest edition also includes new strategies for teaching beginners.    

...refreshingly practical...impressive clarity. I urge every cellist to read it.

---Margaret Moncrieff, Strad/September/95

This is quite an extraordinary book - certainly one of the best books on basic body mechanics ever written for the cello.
...Mr. Sazer's ideas, some of which are authentically new to the cello world...

---Paul Katz, Professor of Cello and Chamber Music, New England Conservatory

...imaginative, important contribution to cello playing.
---Dimitry Markevitch

...brings cello playing from the nineteenth century into the twenty-first century.
—Stephen Kates

With all too many instrumentalists still "playing hurt," Mr. Sazer's book on injury prevention and technique re-education is a welcome addition to the literature.
---Richard N. Norris, MD, Medical Director, The National Arts Medicine Center, Bethesda, MD

...a most stimulating book...principles of balance and support are brought forward...diagrams are excellent...beautifully produced and well presented.
---Jean Hofsfall, The Music Teacher/December/95 UK

Essential for all libraries...
---Joan Foote, News&Views/Publication of the European String Teachers Association

...fascinating, provocative and beautifully presented book!
---John Brecher, Professor of Cello, Humboldt State University

...contains very important ideas...also many ideas that differ from traditional cello technique, and these are certainly worth experimenting with.
---Jeffrey Solow, Professor of Cello, Esther Boyer College of Music at Temple University

...instant cello classic!
---Tim Janof, Internet Cello Society

...important and informative for cellists on every level.
--Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Professor of Cello, Indiana University

...keen observations and meticulous instructions...important source of information for all cellist who wish to examine and enhance their playing habits...valuable contribution to the art of cello playing.

--Eleonore Schoenfeld, Professor of Cello, University of Southern California

...much of the truth you expand on needs to be told and retold again and again.
--Janos Starker, Distinguished Professor of Cello, Indiana University

...truly a worthwhile book because it is so thought provoking. ...discusses basic body mechanics with clarity and logical evolution of thought.
---C.M., Stringendo/Journal of the Australian Strings Association, Ltd.