To order 2003 (New revised and expanded edition) 
from publisher:
Send $28.95 plus S/H ($5.00 US, $12.00 International) to: OFNOTE,
P.O. Box 66760, Los Angeles, CA 90066 - Phone: (310) 391-9787
Only checks drawn to a US bank or international money orders accepted.
May also be ordered from sources listed below or:

order from:
Kahn&Averill, 21 Pennard Mansions, Goldhawk Road, London W128 8DL
Phone: 081 743 3278

Japan: A Japanese edition of New Directions in Cello Playing, translated
by Masatoshi Mitsumoto may be purchased from:
The Ongaku-no-Tomo Sha Corporation of Tokyo.
Kugurazaka 6-30, Shinjuku-ku. Tokyo 162-8716 Phone: (3)3235-2111/Fax: (3)3235-2110