Word Finder 5.12
A Nice Little Word-Search Program
Word Finder searches a database of words and lists those that comply
with your search parameters. What can you use it for?

(Note: I created this software some years ago. It will appear rather dated today, but I hope you'll still find it fun and/or useful.)

Some examples:

  1. Crossword / General Search - You provide the letters you know and some wildcards, Word Finder gives you any possible solutions.

  2. Jumble - If you like to solve the Jumble puzzle in the daily paper, this feature will give you that elusive word based on the letters provided.

  3. Anagram Helper - An anagram is a word or phrase that uses the same letters as another word or phrase. Anagram Helper asks for a word or sentence and produces a list of possible words. Then you choose a word from that list and a new, smaller list emerges. The process is repeated until, hopefully, you've got your anagram!

  4. Scrabble - If you're not sure whether those mixed up tiles can produce a word, the Jumble and Anagram Helper features can surely help there, too.

  5. Approximated Search - If you're not sure how a word is spelled, this feature can make it easy. Just type in your best guess and the program shows you words that resemble it. If it doesn't find your word the first time, decrease the accuracy level and try again. The lower the accuracy, the more words you get.

  6. Reading Disorders?? - Yes! I'm serious. Someone actually told me he will be using Word Finder to help people with dyslexia by creating lists of words with common characteristics. Needless to say, I was quite pleased.

Results of the various searches can be saved to disk.

Noteworthy Changes from Previous Versions:


Includes WordSort utility that does the following:

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After unzipping, please read the README file.

Important: You will also need the Word List

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