Wild Flowers - On Location

San Francisco
Thursday, Sept. 3rd, 1998
On this day, I directed a movie star in a picture! True story...really! Keep reading. . . .

I went to pick up my bike, which had just been cleaned up, tuned up, and was looking like new...well, almost like new. New tires, anyway! Well, it certainly looks better than it did. . .hadn't been cleaned in years!

Before I left the house, I heard from someone that something was being filmed at, or near, Washington Square, a few blocks away, so I took my camera with me. After retrieving my 'new' bike, I took a little detour to go check out the movie set.

I expected to probably find Nash Bridges being shot there. Nope. I asked a couple of security guys what the production is... and WHERE it is...they told me it's a movie called Wild Flowers and it's on Broadway, which is a couple of blocks farther. So I rode up to Broadway, where I now had to turn either left or right, since I didn't see anything resembling a movie set.

Naturally, I went right (wrong way!), uphill - not steep, but long...

Okay, so now it's downhill, toward Columbus Ave...where I should've figured it might be happening (I chose uphill first because, had I gone down first and found nothing, I'd have a longer way back uphill). Well, I got to Columbus, didn't see anything at first, so I started crossing the street...then I looked back and saw a cop standing near a crowd, so I hurried back across and headed for the little alley next to a the City Lights bookstore, which has been used in various productions, as I recall.

Well, I'd been told who the stars were (back at the trailers on Washington Square; I also saw the names Sabine and Jacob on the trailers...knew they couldn't be the stars, so I assumed they're characters' names.), so I knew who to look for. It didn't take me long to spot a blonde with long, curly hair...had my camera at the ready. As soon as she turned around, I knew it had to be the star of "Splash"...Daryl Hannah!

Remember? Ron Howard direct Daryl in Splash. . .and, of course, he directed her Splash co-star, Tom Hanks, in Apollo 13, where Tom made a splash of his own!!

Well, I snapped a picture of her very quickly. If it doesn't come out well, it'll probably be because she was backlit by the sun, her face shaded. Well, I know that Daryl plays Sabine in this movie. But who plays Jacob?

Eric Roberts is the guy shooting scenes with Miss Hannah on this day. When I spotted Eric a little farther, in the alley, I didn't have a clear view, so I lifted my camera high in the air (never sure what it'll catch that way!) and snapped one of him, with Daryl in the shot (I think...I'll have to see how the pics come out!), nearer to me, but facing away, of course! He must've seen me take that picture, because he looked at me and gestured with his fingers. Thank goodness it was two fingers, in a peace sign! But he gave the sign after I'd already taken the picture!!! Darn!

Here's where the Joe Directs a Movie Star part comes in...

I then gave Eric a finger gesture of my own...ONE finger. I held up my index finger, as if to say "One more time, please?".

So. . .Take 2: He kindly gave the peace sign again. Snap! Thumbs up for sign language!

Too bad, though...with the sun being behind them (even though it didn't hit the lens), and Eric being so far away, I may not get a very good photograph of either star to show you!

But wait! There's more. . .

Wild Flowers - Day 2
Ed TV - Matthew McConaughey, Ron Howard, Elizabeth Hurley

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