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Welcome, fellow Trekkers! I know you love Star Trek, and if you get a chuckle out of pure nonsense, you should get a kick out of Silly Trek.

This crazy little program selects from a large number of well-known Trek characters' names and throws them together into the most ridiculous situations you'll never see in any actual Star Trek. The variety of possible results is almost endless!

Program features include:

Click to Download NonSents, which includes Star Trek and other Categories.
Unzip the ZIP. Read WHATSUP.DOC.
Also Features . . .

Needs: QBasic or equivalent; PKUnzip or WinZip

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Below are some examples of the Silly Treks you'll see. . .

....made a sick joke about Neelix in the transporter room.
The Borg definitely flew over Mr. Spock outside.
Spock's mother conveniently pushed Dr. McCoy yet again.
Scotty accidentally slept with Guinan while Gar --- --- NCC-1701
Kira Nerys carefully landed on three stupid Ferengis.
Tasha Yar probably jumped on Q once.
Quark's brother Rom bugged Capt. Janeway.
Two Klingons pushed the Jem'Hadar at warp speed!
Spock's mother quickly kicked a Klingon while Garak listened.
Data jumped on Uhura just the other day!

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Okay, we've gotten spacey with the programs above. Now consider seriously
the following statement. . .
The existence of the universe is absolutely impossible!
I mean really, deeply think about that. It's simply mind-boggling.

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