Spin To Win 5.2


I created this software many years ago when the most sophisticated computer games were far less sophisticated than today's games - and mine were even less sophisticated than that.  I'll get to the point:  Chances are that even if you successfully download and install Spin To Win on your system (you must have QBasic.exe installed as well, not available here), it may prove too complicated to get it to run.  Plus, you might encounter some bugs that will bring the game to a halt.  Despite all of this, I consider this to be a very good version of the game -- when it works.  Excellent, if fact.

Finally, if you do decide to download and install it, please disregard any documentation making reference to sending payment of any kind.  I used to offer a demo for free and the full game for a very low price, but then I just made the full version available for free.  The address you'd see is not my current one, so please don't use it.  Most of what follows on this page is also years old, just so you'll know.

Thanks for your attention.

Spin the wheel, pick a letter (watch the board!). Your account grows with every letter you reveal.
Got enough money? Then buy a vowel and watch as the puzzle is revealed, letter by letter, until you're absolutely sure you can solve it!

I think you will like my version of that great TV game.
Spin to Win has many, many great features that'll give you countless hours of fun!

This is probably the only version of Wheel of Fortune you'll find that has MILLIONS of possible
unique puzzles to solve! No kidding! See the list of features below.


=== Latest Features ===

=== Plus... ===
I previously offered only a limited demo for free, but now you can download
the complete version of the game for free.

Click to Download the FREE Spin To Win Game, a self-unzipping file.
Download it into its own directory and type SPIN52 or click on the file. Read WHATSUP.DOC.
(Requires: QBASIC.EXE and DOS/Windows.)

Or you can try the very limited demo if you don't have QBASIC.EXE.

By the way, you'll never see a penny of the money you win playing this game! Sorry.

If Wheel of Fortune is your kind of game, you'll probably also enjoy my very fun
and entertaining word game, GuessWords.
(GuessWords does NOT require QBasic
Or, if you want to test or develop your memory, download Memory Match or Simon Says.

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