____________________ T H A N K Y O U !!! ____________________

Thank you for visiting my website and downloading my software. Naturally, when someone has invested
much time and energy in something, they wish to be rewarded in some way. Sure, I can use my own software, but it's
much more satisfying when other people also enjoy it. If you have tried any of it and liked it, then please
consider sending the minimal payment I am suggesting.

Whether you got a few chuckles from my Star Trek/Star Wars program or you wish to play the full version of my
Wheel of Fortune game, or if you liked some of my graphics, please show your appreciation.

Unless indicated otherwise in accompanying documentation, I'm asking you to give whatever you think the software is worth or whatever you can spare. Have you got a couple of bucks?

Please send it to:
Joe Jankovic
500 Francisco St. #302
San Francisco, CA USA 94133

Simplest payment method is cash.
Otherwise make payable to Joe Jankovic. Thank you so much!

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