A simple but fun ASCII paint program QUAD
A Simple Game of Colors

Quad is perhaps a simple toy for the artistically inclined more than anything else. It begins at the center of the screen, where four ASCII characters wait for you to control them. You use the arrow keys and numeric keypad to send them zipping in four directions (hence, Quadruple) at once, vertical, horizontal, diagonal.

I think it's surprising that a non-graphics drawing method can produce such beautiful
and colorful displays. You might agree if you tried it for yourself.
Program features include:
  • You can choose the ASCII character for drawing
    or let the computer randomly pick shades of blocks (ASCII #176,177,178,219)
  • Background color can change, or not
  • Display can scroll upwards or remain still, or it can be cleared
  • You can adjust the speed of travel
  • Icons for use in Windows

Experiment with the arrow and keypad keys, particularly the diagonal ones.

Download Quad 1.0
Unzip and type QUAD, or set it up in Windows.

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