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O u t O f T h i s W o r l d !

 1 Imagine a UFO here!     2      3   
  1. Over which famous landmark was this UFO sighted? You'll never guess!
  2. It was photographed from multiple angles. . . By the same guy. . . At the same time. Yes, it was!
  3. "Hey! You can't drive that thing over the bridge! Did you even pay the toll?"
Beautiful, colorful planetary system with exploding sun and simulated lens glare.

Solar System's Last Breath
Full size: 800 x 600

Arch window with glowing moon outside.

Moon, Window
Full size: 430 x 620

Pencils on textured paper

Woodland Ghosts
Full size: 600 x 400

Colorful Egyptian Sunset Scene Peer Amid the Pyramids
 H a p p y   H o l i d a y s ! 

Close-up view of colored balls on a tree with Christmas Greetings.

X-Mas Balls 1

Click above to get both of these Holiday images with a BIGGER, much better look.
No 3-D rendering software was used to create these pictures.

Same, except no written Greeting.

X-Mas Balls 2
Full size: 660 x 460

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