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Nash Bridges On Location - July 25, 1997 (Page 1)

Nash Bridges On Location 

San Francisco, California

Since I created this Nash Bridges site in 1996, many of you have assumed that I am a huge fan of Don Johnson and/or his TV show. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. So why do I have this website? Good question. Read on. . . and before you write to me, keep one thing in mind: 
If you worship Mr. Johnson, I don't want to hear from you. Thanks. 
Nash Bridges Productions has filmed in my neighborhood several times. . .even right outside my window on two occasions! I didn't even have to leave the house.

On the first occasion, I watched them from my kitchen window; the second time it was from the living room. I videotaped on both occasions. Don Johnson was present at both, Cheech was at the second.

On these pages you'll see frames from the first recording (March 5 1996), as well as the second (Friday, July 25 1997, below) and the third (August 1997). I may also occasionally add new on-location pictures and descriptions, if and when I'm able to capture something new.

In 1997, I gave the fans their first look at some scenes from an episode of Nash Bridges that didn't air until October 3, which was 2 ½ months after filming . . . . 

Episode Title: "Shake, Rattle & Roll"

July 25, 1997

Below is my original summary to accompany the images, roughly previewing
the scene filmed and describing what's happening along the way:

  1. Woman runs to man on corner and they embrace. . . 
  2. Running to her, Nash has a brief run-in with a black car. . . 
  3. He draws his firearm and yells something like "Rysher!". . . 
  4. Nash is followed closely by Dominguez. . . 
  5. He reaches her shortly after she's almost slammed by an old city bus. . . 

Scene in Pieces

And here is my new summary of the scene after the episode has aired:

  1. Woman runs to her husband, an ex-Mob hitman, and they embrace. . . 
  2. Running after her, Nash has a brief run-in with a black car. . . 
  3. He draws his firearm and yells "Ryshert!", the guy's last name. . . 
  4. Nash is followed closely by Dominguez, while the woman, Jill, tells hubby to run. . . 
  5. She's almost hit by a bus while trying to keep Bridges from catching Ryshert, who's trying to redeem himself and go to heaven by taking out his former Mob cohorts. 

You'll notice that I originally thought Don Johnson yelled "Rysher".
But it turns out to have been "Ryshert", with a T. . . Boy, am I embarrassed!
Hey, give me a break! The only guy on the set with a megaphone was the director.

Also appearing in this episode: 
Jennifer O'Neill, Joe Cortese, Louis Mandylor, Caroline Lagerfelt and Lee Garlington. 

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