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Last updated by Steve Cutchen on March 8, 2001

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History of Changes



Feb 21, 2000

Initial Version: Villager / Quest stuff gathered in a separate FAQ

Feb 23, 2000

Added the recommendation for Nissan Parts

Feb 25, 2000

Added Jeff James' exhaust stud replacement experience. A general freshening to the Broken Exhaust Stud page

Changed access to Carl's page to a drop down list to save space.

Added details about Timing Belt Tensioner adjustment

Added details about adding your own Rear Stabilizer Bar

Feb 29, 2000

Added a section describing my experiences with my 1993 Villager.

Mar 11, 2000

Timing Belt section modified to show engine is not an interference type.

Mar 14, 2000

Added section on Low Speed Misses

Aug 29, 2000

Added section on the burning smell coming from the A/C

Improved the Rear A/C Blower Failure section by adding the pictures provided by Marcos Veenis and the improved resoldering design by Michael Licitra

Sep 10, 2000

Added the "Broken Crankshaft" portion of the Timing Belt section as a separate menu item to the TOC pulldown. Added a reference that the fault could originate from the factory.

Sep 12, 2000

Added section on the EGR BPT hose failure causing the Check Engine light to come on intermittently

Sep 19, 2000

Added section on repair of an intermittent front windshield washer switch

May 2, 2001

Added section on replacing the light bulbs in the A/C controller

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