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UKC Recognition A REALITY!
The fault assessed predominately white Shelties in the UKC breed standard has been removed. They have also clarified that blue/merled eyes ARE as acceptable in sable merles as in blues!

There are already TWO predominately white U-CHs! U-CH Weeacres Splash Of Sable, C.G.C.,C.D. and her son U-CH/Can CH/AKC Ptd. Premiere Weeacres Tease Me, C.G.C.,C.D.

To eliminate any questions regarding the possibility of deafness in CHW Shelties, similar to that found in Dalmations & other breeds with extremem piebalding, WSSA encourages all responsible ethical breeders & owners of whites and of their relatives to get them BAER tested. This way, we can build a database of suitible size to determine whether or not there is any problem with this in CHW Shelties. Your own vet can tell you where the nearest vet/technician is who can do the quick, painless, & relatively inexpensive test. Results should be reported to SUE ANN BOWLING (see link on the WSSA "home" page.)

Continuing Education!
We must continue to educate ourselves and the whole Sheltie fancy about the Color Headed White Sheltie. An educated, open minded ASSA membership is what we'll need to get board members elected who will be open to resinstating the lovely CHW. Getting the board to support, or at least remain neutral on, the issue of reinstatement is vital to ever getting ASSA to revise the standard
We have offers from members to create educational materials. The new board will investigate these offers and will be looking for members to work on the committees that work on these materials. IF you are interested, contact WSSA via the e-mail link below!

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