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Welcome to the homepage of composer Victor Kioulaphides. This site includes a biographical note, announces upcoming performances, offers a sample of reviews, lists a complete catalog of works, and links to performers and publishers of the composer's works.

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Victor Kioulaphides was born in Athens, Greece, in 1961 and moved to New York in 1979. He studied double bass and composition at The Juilliard School and the Manhattan School of Music; his composition teachers were Giampaolo Bracali and Ludmila Ulehla; he is a recipient of the Pablo Casals Award and the Harold Bauer Award.

Member of ASCAP, American Music Center, American Federation of Musicians; published by Hal Leonard Corp., Joachim Trekel Verlag, Liben Music Publishers, Wolfhead Music, the New York Classical Guitar Society, and Fiori Musicali. 

Works have been performed in the U.S. at Carnegie Recital Hall, Merkin Hall, the 92nd Street Y, The Salon Theatre, CAMI Hall, Berklee College of Music, et al. International performances in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Argentina, Romania, Bolivia, Japan, Russia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Greece. 

Commissions from neXus Arts, Het Consort (Netherlands), the Kammerorchester Riegelsberg (Germany), the New York Classical Guitar Society, Trinity Lutheran / St. Michael's Episcopal Church, The Diller-Quaile School, Davka Dances, and numerous individual performers. 

Faculty member at the Lucy Moses School for Music and Dance; former faculty member at the Brooklyn Conservatory. Recipient of annual AscaPlus Awards since 1993, as well as Composer Assistance Program grants from The American Music Center in 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2005. Served as adjudicator for Chamber Music America and National Opera Association.


*** January 8: Mostly Motown (double conterto for two violins and strings) Christ & St. Stephen's, New York City (69th Street, between Broadway & Columbus Avenue) Mioi Takeda, Lynn Bechtold, violins; North-South Consonance; Max Lifchitz, Director


*** Hesse Lieder; Sytse Buwalda, countertenor; Ferdinand Binnendijk, mandolin; Saskia Spinder, guitar (Album title: "Canciones Amatorias")

*** Sonata Marittima; Ferdinand Binnendijk, mandolin; Saskia Spinder, guitar (Album title: "Canciones Amatorias")

*** Violenstraat; Sytse Buwalda, countertenor; Saskia Spinder, guitar (Album title: "Canciones Amatorias")

=> See iTunes link below or search Spotify: Asteria Ensemble

*** Broadway '79: Carlo Aonzo, mandolin; Orchestra of L' Accademia Internazionale di Mandolino; CD title: Mandolin Images

*** Diferencias; Alison Stephens, mandola (Album title: "Souvenirs"); Chandos Records

*** Concerto per orchestra a pizzico, Variations on a Basque Melody (arr. John Craton); Het Consort; Alex Timmerman, Director; CD title: Music for Mandolin Orchestra

*** Antwerp Harbor; Joseph Brent, mandolin; Bridget Kibbey, harp; CD title: Point of Departure

*** Diferencias; Sebastiaan de Grebber, mandolin; CD title: Fantasia Romantica (STEMRA)


My YouTube channel (Works I)

YouTube Playlist (Works II)

Idillio Sinfonico

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The Merchants of Nations (1990)

Libretto by the composer after a novel by Alexandros Papadiamantis. One act, three scenes. Soprano, baritone, tenor, actor, strings. Performed privately in 1991.

Ocean Dream (1992)

Libretto by Nancy Rhodes. One act. (Duration: 28 minutes) Two sopranos, strings. Premiered by Encompass Music Theatre, 1997. Revived by California Opera, 2012.

The Unlikely Voyagers ( 1995)

Libretto by the composer, after a Greek folk tale. Children's opera. One act. (Duration: 20 minutes) Four singing characters, narrator, piano or three monophonic instruments. Published internationally by Hal Leonard Corporation; numerous performances worldwide.

Dry Smoke (1998 )

Libretto by Adele Edling Shank. One-act monodrama for mezzo-soprano or contralto, non-speaking male actor, fl, ob, cl, strings; tape (ad lib.) (Duration: 21 minutes) Premiered in concert version in Merkin Concert Hall by the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra in 1998.

The Silver Swan (1999)

Libretto by the composer after Homer's Iliad. One act, three scenes. (Duration: 37 minutes) Baritone, mezzo-soprano, soprano, tenor, men's chorus; 2 fl, tbn, hp, pc, strings. Premiered (2005) in Fresno (CA) by the California Opera Association.

The Gilded Cage (2000)

Libretto by Richard Olson. Two acts. (Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes) Mezzo-soprano, baritone, soprano, mixed chorus, strings. Premiered by neXus Arts at the Church of the Transfiguration in 2001.

Medea (2002)

Play by Franz Grillparzer, translated from the German, abridged and adapted by the composer. Three acts. Mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass-baritone, soprano; orchestra. As of yet unperformed.

The Vision of Perpetua (2003)

Libretto by Jeremy Black. One act, three scenes. (Duration: 30 min.) Soprano, mezzo, 3 baritones, tenor, bass-baritone, 3 sopranos; ob, vn, vla, vc, pno, perc. Produced by neXus Arts at the University Settlement, New York City, 2004.



Summer Concerto

Victor Kioulaphides' Summer Concerto, a string piece, was the big hit with the audience with its misterioso pulse, dynamic shifts, subtly flamenco-tinged interlude and allusions to Andalucia and the Middle East.
Lucid Culture / World Press (June 2014)

[The] Summer Concerto has a very singerly violin— closely akin to Samuel Barber's soaring melodies with a theatrical element... very beautiful and well integrated."
SoundWordSight (June 2014)

Ocean Dream

"[the] music is accessible and lush, and draws occasionally on Baroque and Renaissance elements."
Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

"...his score is endlessly nimble and clever. [The composer] has a fine way of supporting his singers without stepping on them and he gives them music that connects them to the audience at every turn."
James L. Paulk, New Music Connoisseur

New York Moments

"Victor Kioulaphides’ New York Moments are so evocative that one can’t help but listen to the city’s sounds in a different way. Even without knowing the title of the second movement—Central Park (Reflections on the Lily Pond)—you’re crossing the Bow Bridge with your lover on a spring day; the eerie melodies of Tugboat on the Hudson (Evanescent in the Morning Fog) have you rubbing your shoulders against the strange beauty of the river at dawn.

The Gilded Cage

"[The] score...is often extremely beautiful... resolutely maintains a stately pace."
William V. Madison, Opera News Online

"Emotionally and poetically fulfilling."
Amsterdam News, New York

Riegelsberg Suite

"Certainly none of the listeners could easily forget the [Riegelsberg] Suite... from the slow Pavane all the way through to the merry Greek final dance- a sound that was lively and stirring but also tender and precious. The audience applauded enthusiastically."
Saarbrücker Zeitung

"Spanish" Suite (for viola & guitar)

"... [The] Suite set the tone... with beauty mixed with intensity of expression."
Paul M. Somers, New Jersey Classical Society Journal 

Hesse Lieder

these songs touch your heart. They not only exude that evening coziness, they also evoke nostalgia, they don't want to say good-bye, and yet they do. The texts themselves are certainly worth reading, and how good it is that they have been set to music by a composer who has been able to live them, perhaps even make them his own!

Klassiek Centraal, Belgium

Idillio Sinfonico

... a perfect ending to a superb evening of music.

Darlington & Stockton Times (UK)


"Il est né le divin enfant, expertly arranged by Victor Kioulaphides, contained more fine solo contributions— but now with the best choral singing of the evening, as it was tailored perfectly for the boys' range."
New York Concert Review



Wandrers Nachtlied (Goethe; German) (mzo, 3 vc)
Erinnerung (Huch; German) (c.ten, hp)

Alla mia bella insensibile (Solomós; Italian) (ten, plucked orch)
Five Fragments (Sappho; anc. Greek) (sop, pno) 
First Date (in New York)(English)(f/m duo, pno)
Music to Hear (Shakespeare; English) (sop, gtr)
Mädchenlied (folk; German) (sop, pno)
Liebes-Lied (Rilke; German) (ten, pno)

Herbsttag (Rilke; German) (ten, pno)
Dawn (Mavilis; English) (mzo, pno)

Dusk (Mavilis; English) (mzo, pno) 
Irish Airs (trad. Irish arr.) (ten, hp, str
Lullaby (Mavilis; English) (sop, pno)

Oblivion (Mavilis; English) (sop, pno)  
Portrait of a Child (Four Love Songs; Drosinis; English) (sop, pno) 
Cherries (Four Love Songs; Drosinis; English) (sop, pno) 
Jasmine (Four Love Songs; Drosinis; English) (sop, pno) 
My Arms in Yours (Four Love Songs; Drosinis; English) (sop, pno) 
Seven Ancient Greek Lyrics (various; English) (mzo, mdln)
The Violet (Violenstraat; J. Taylor; English)(c.ten, gtr)
The Violet and the Bee (Violenstraat; J.B. Tabb; English)(c.ten, gtr)
From a Nursery Rhyme Book (Violenstraat; C.G. Rossetti; English)(c.ten, gtr)
Are We Too Far Gone? (English)(voc, piano)
Pienso a veces (Gotas; L.d.Carmen; Spanish)(sop, gtr)
En la maravilla del trópico (Gotas; L.d.Carmen; Spanish)(sop, gtr)
En la noche callada (Gotas; L.d.Carmen; Spanish)(sop, gtr)
Recipe for a Happy Marriage (English)(voc, pno)
Jugendflucht (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Wanderer im Schnee (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Im Nebel (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Ausklang (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Gavotte (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Der Liebende (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Die leise Wolke (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Blauer Schmetterling (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
August (Hesse Lieder; H. Hesse; German)(alt, mdn, gtr)
Ode to Anaktoria (Sapphic Triptych; Sappho; anc. Greek)(sop, gtr)
Ode to Gongyla (Sapphic Triptych; Sappho; anc. Greek)(sop, gtr)
Ode to Selana (Sapphic Triptych; Sappho; anc. Greek)(sop, gtr)
Nordseelieder (Rilke; German)(alto, plucked orch)


Canzone trovata (gtr) 
Invenzioni Ariose (hrps)
Preludio (gtr)

Fantasia (gtr)

Toccata (gtr)

Ascoltando l'onde (pno)

Monemvasia (pno)

Sonatina (pno) 
Ricercare (hrps)
Sonatina "Commedia dell' arte" (pno)

Antiphon (org)

Ricercare a tutti i toni (org)

L'Enfant endormi (org)

Victimae Paschali Laudes (org)

The Magi (org)

Minnelied (ob/Eng.hn)

In Jubilo (db)

Diferencias sobre Morenika (mdn)

Idillio (mdn)

El Malecón (mdn)

De Grote Markt (mdn)

Variations on a Basque Melody (mdn) 
Suite for Ali (mdn/8ve-mla)
Preludio Fiorillesco (mdn)
Mimose (gtr)
Après de Bériot (mdn)
Studio a quattro (mdn)
Rip van Winkle Suite (gtr)
Capricho Tropical (mdn)
Sweelinck Variations (mdn)
Carillon Variations (mdn)
Weissiana (gtr)
Piano Preludes for the Young 
L'hirondelle (db)
Vines (Prelude Nº 1)(gtr)
Balkonies (mdn)


Autumn (fl, gtr, d.b., perc)

Sur des pensers nouveaux (cl, gtr)

Anatolian Chaconne (vn, pno)

Little Pastorale (vn, pno)

Duettino (vc, d.b.)

Arioso (pno 4-hands)

A Mostly Happy Suite (2 gtrs)

Notturno (fl, gtr, hp)

"Spanish" Suite (cl/vla/mla, gtr) 
Rhapsody (mdn, pno)

Toccata Scarlattiana (2 mdns)

Quartetto Classico Nº 1 "Le Clavecin" (2 mdns, mla, mc)

Quartetto Classico Nº 2 "Bells" (2 mdns, mla, mc)
Quartetto Classico Nº 3 "Manhattan" (2 mdns, mla, mc)
Quartetto Classico Nº 4 "Marzipan" (2 mdns, mla, mc)
Tugboat on the Hudson (pno 4-hands)
Sonata for Viola/Cello and Piano 
Quartetto Classico Nº 5 "Cherry Trees" (2 mdns, mla, mc) 
Quartetto Classico Nº 6 "Journey" (2 mdns, mla, mc)
Concerto da camera (mdln solo, 2 mdns, mla, mc, gt, cb)
Wedding Fanfare (vn, vc) 
Canzona (per Carlo Aonzo) (mdn, gtr)
Christmas Chimes (mdn, 8ve-mdn)
Hues of Dusk (2 mdns, mla, gtr)(alias: str quartet, gtr, db)
Antwerp Harbor (mdn, hp)
Sonata Marittima (mdn, gtr)
Berceuse (8 gtrs)
Toccata (gtr solo, gtr qt)
Jubileum Suite (2 mdns)
Garlands (mdn, db)
Sonata for Flute and Guitar
Piano Trio
Horn Trio (vn, hn, pno)
Rondo Galante (2 mdns)
Clarinet Trio (cl, vc, pno)
Trio for Clarinet, Horn and Piano
La Monnerie (mdn, pno)
Seagulls over the East River (2 mdns, gtr)
Sonata Seicento (2 mdns, gtr)
Mojita (mdn, db)
Desires are already memories (mdn, gtr)
Quartet for Mandolin and String Trio 
Campanelle (2 mdns, mla, mc)
Petite Suite (vla, bn)
Rossiniana (vc, pno)
Aguacero (mdn, mla)
Rags, Riffs and Reveries (2 mdns, gtr, db)


Preludio Sinfonico (orch)

Concertino (pno, ch. orch)

Chamber Suite (single ww, str)

Guitar Concerto (gtr, ch. orch)

Icons (lg orch)

Violin Concerto (in progress)

Concerto per orchestra a pizzico (mdn/gtr orch.)

Riegelsberg Suite (str. orch)
Idillio Sinfonico (str. orch)
Sinfonia-Overtura Nº 5 (N. Mántzaros) (arr.) (mdn/gtr orch.)
Broadway '79 (2 mdns, mdn orch)
Passacaglia pizzicata (3 mdns, mc)
Sinfonia a pizzico (mdn/gtr orch.)
Purcelliana (mdn/str orch.)
Mandolin Concerto (single ww, tpt, str)
Like a Dream... (mdn, str orch)
Perípatos (mdn/gtr orch.)
New York Moments (ch. orch.)
Summer Concerto (vn, str orch.)
Cinderella's Dream (vn, str orch.)
Follia Piazzollesca (mdn/gtr orch.)
Stabat Mater (sop, alt, ch orch, org)
All'alba (plucked+bowed str)
Mostly Motown (2 vns, str orch.)

Samovar (liuto cantabile, plucked orch)


La Giara (solo vla, gtr, str)


Sedit Angelus (motet; Latin)(SATB)
Virga Jesse floruit (motet; Latin) (SATB)

Magnum misterium (motet; Latin) (SATB)

Missa Graeca (mass; Latin) (SATB)

Hymns & Hopes (cantata; English) (SATB, children)

Tristis est (motet; Latin) (SATB)

O Give Thanks (anthem; English) (2-part, org)

In His Hand (anthem; English) (2-part, org)

Ego sum (anthem; Latin) (SA, hp)
Al ware het (motet; Dutch)(SATB)


Madrigals (S1,S2,A,T,B) (Solomós; Italian)

"Madrigali spirituali e amorosi"

Sorge la notte

La rosa

La Risurrezione

Pellegrini augeletti

Il Paradiso

Se non conosci

Presta, colomba mia

All'ombra al fin

Tutto parla di Dio

Quando la notte

Or che ride la terra

Quando più


Ionian Mandolinata (mdn, gtr) (2 mdns)
Athenian Mandolinata (mdn, gtr) 
Aegean Mandolinata (mdn, gtr) 
Passione Amorosa (G. Bottesini) (2 mdns, gtr)
Sinfonia-Overtura Nº 5 (N. Mántzaros) (mdn, gtr) 
Sinfonia-Overtura Nº 2 (N. Mántzaros ) (mdn, gtr) 
Sentimentalia (Songs from Belle Epoque Athens) (mdn, gtr) 
Echoes of Magna Graecia (mdn, gtr) 
Zakynthian Mandolinata (mdn, gtr) 
Mandolinata (5 parts ad lib.)
Cantique de Jean Racine (G. Fauré)(plucked orch)
Roses of Rhodes (mdn, gtr)
Il est ne le divin enfant (children's ch, 2 ob, hp, tamb)
Ave Maria (C.Franck)(children's ch, str qnt)
Sonata K.87 (Scarlatti)( 2mdns, mla, mc/gtr)
Variaties "Mein junges Leben" (Sweelinck)( 2mdns, mla, mc/gtr)
Sonata K. 430 (Scarlatti)( 2mdns, mla, mc/gtr)
Sonatas K. 32 & K. 9 (Scarlatti)(plucked orch)