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Add to its beauty, value, and desirability with fine hand carving.
A Hand Painted Oil Portrait With Hand Carved Scrollwork!

Immortalize your children, your dog, or your prize trophy!

A painting can stand alone, or have a carved or painted frame.

This is a hand painting, not a photo transfer.

You decide the subject - a portrait or scene. All I need is a quality photograph.

Carving Increased the Appraised Value of This Browning
$600 to $2,500
A Variation on the First Deer Design
The photo on the left is the design plan that was emailed to the client for
his approval before the carving started.  The photo was darkened to make the drawing visible.  The picture on the right is of the finished carving.
A Naval Officer's Crest.
Declare your dedication to your service.

Give its emblem or symbol pride of place on your rifle or pistol grip.

Carved and Antiqued Ivory Grips
This eagle and snake design is a combination of carving and scrimshaw.
A Family Name
In An Ornate Frame
Carved Portraits of Buffalo Bill Cody

Make your gun into a family heirloom to pass down to future generations.