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In the News Updated

Check out Elaine Brown's feature story on WVMR, Allegheny Mountain Radio, 08/08/08. Read or hear it!

An Evening of Remembrance for Virginia Tech 4/16/2008

Keith Dill wins in Berlin, MD September 2007
2007 Dill Pickers in the Ocean City Dispatch

Reviews in Rodeo Attitude News and Country Music and More (UK) of Randy Thompson's new release Farther On,
Include a brief mention of Viqui as cowriter on one of Randy's songs.

Mamapalooza in the Connections Newspapers
2005 & 2006
Mamapalooza press in Washington Woman

See the news stories on Channel 9, WUSA, and download streaming video:
2006 - Moms Rock!
2007 - Rocker Moms!

The Dill Pickers are musicians in the American tradition, combining the best elements of blues, bluegrass, cajun, country, gospel, irish, and rock.
Listen to us at the     site.
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