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Recipe for Apple Cranberry Crisp

to Viqui's parents

Viqui's Resumes - Technical Writer - (Detailed 4 page version)
Musical Resume      

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Map of 151 Jackson Drive, Winchester, VA 22602-4621

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Pictures on facebook
See pictures of the Clarke County Farmers' Market.

Veramar Cajun Weekend

Dillith Fair 2008
publicity photos we took for Highland County - June 2008

we took some photos of ourselves, using the hold-away method and

using the set-timer and run around into the shot method,

but mostly we wished we had a real photographer

to make us look better than in real life. All in all, it was kind of fun. Look, I'm wearing make-up.
May 2008 - after the celebration of Mama Dill's 102, almost 103 year long life.

Viqui and Keith at Mama Dill's

Jim Dill with horses.

Jim Dill with horses.

So many Dills,

You can't count all the Dills.

But you can see how much

they love each other

in their smiling faces.

Jim shows he's a genius by solving the golf tee puzzle at the Cracker Barrel in Jonesville, NC
Spring Break in South Carolina 2008
3 Dill Pickers:
Keith, Viqui & Jim

at Saluda Shoals Park in Irmo, SC

Jim achieves "You're Genius" status at the Cracker Barrel in Jonesville, NC

5 Dills at Saluda Shoals Park in Irmo, SC: Keith, Jim, Papa, Mama, & Viqui (L2R)
Mama Norma Dill is doing pretty well, negotiating rough terrain and primitive stairs after her broken hip in the summer of 2007.
Cheese toast with mustard and strawberry preserves. I didn't think I would like it but it's delicious. Try it sometime.

Keith at the console of the mighty Boss BR 1180, "World's easiest digital recorder," still not easy. The others must be wickedly difficult.

Nobody hurt in this wreck.

Columbia's finest were on the job, keeping us safe.

I installed this programmable thermostat on the last day of spring break. "All by myself."
Christmas Break

Dec 07 - Jan 08

Jim Dill's home in Winchester, VA

Jim Dill's home in Blacksburg, VA
Jim Dill with mom
Jim Dill with dad

Viqui and Erin

Viqui and Jim

Jim at the internet cafe
New Jersey Cousins

Jan 2008
At Uncle Ed and Aunt Shelley's home in New Jersey,
we have fun with cousins Jessica and Scot.
Scot doesn't want to be serenaded ...
... he wants to be thrown up in the air!
Mama-palooza, Hot Flash Band and the Dill Pickers

September 2007, & May 2006

Mamapalooza 2006- the Dill Pickers @ Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA

Mamapalooza 2006- Hot Flash is the host band @ Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA

Channel 9 News' Stacy Cohen films the Hot Flash band for TV

Mamapalooza 2007- Hot Flash is the host band @ the Austin Grill in Silver Spring, MD

Hot Flash, an equal opportunity band, welcomes Brian Johnson on lead guitar

Chris Anderson on lead guitar and harmonica

Katy Johnson on drums

Patrice Moerman on lead and rhythm guitar
Squeezebox Hot Flash
Millbrook Graduation

June 2007

Jim sings with the Millbrook Choir one last time at graduation

Jim receives his diploma

with Andrew

James Brooks Dill with dad, Keith Brooks Dill, and Keith's dad, Norman Brooks Dill

Jim with buddy ATL

Jim with friend Daniel

with Kyle, Bridgette and Golden Boy

Jim with Tiffany Rogerson
Millbrook Prom

May 2007
Our Visit to
Dinosaur Land
in White Post VA

June 2006

Jim and Rebah, in King Kong's hand

Mary and Viqui, in Dino's legs as conquering T-Rex looks on

Rebah dances with a Dinosaur

Blending in with the natives
Millbrook Prom

May 2006

Jim and Rebah, at the Millbrook Prom 2006 in Winchester, VA

Jim and Rebah, in Old Towne Winchester, VA

Jim and Rebah, after sushi

Jim and Rebah, on the Red Carpet

The Dill Pickers are musicians in the American tradition, combining the best elements of blues, bluegrass, cajun, country, gospel, irish, and rock.
Listen to us at the     site.
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