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A Tale of 2 Dills

Keith Dill
lead vocals, harmony vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, pedal steel, drums

Keith Dill had a guitar in his hand by the time he was six years old. He attended Ferrum College in Franklin County, Virginia, the moonshine capital of the world, learning old time fiddle tunes from the locals. Keith moved on to MCV in Richmond, Virginia, where he met up with Richmond native, Randy Waller, son of bluegrass legend, Charlie Waller, joining Randy's band Silver Saddle.

As the pedal steel, electric guitar, harmonica and fiddle player for the Brandy Stills band, Keith played alongside country greats such as Mickey Gilley, Johnny Paycheck, and Earl Thomas Connelly. Keith's musical style ranges from Appalachian old-time to Louisiana bayou funk. He is frequently featured on CDs and recording projects across the Washington, DC metropolitan area including David A. Alberding, Carey Colvin, the String Dusters, and others.

Check out the Awards won by Keith!

He has opened for such diverse acts as Sawyer Brown, Shelby Lynn, the Coasters, and Charley Waller. See him playing fiddle for the Patent Pending Bluegrass Band.

Keith is an entrepreneur and has recently started his own business, Dill's Repair Service Company, an independent medical equipment sales and service firm, serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Viqui Dill
lead vocals, harmony vocals, song writing, bass, 12 string, pennywhistles, flute, percussion

As a child, Viqui Lynn Brown Sherman Dill had dreams of becoming a famous rock star, and began taking piano lessons at age 7. By junior high, Viqui was leading others in song with her 12 string guitar and writing music in the suburbs of Charleston, West Virginia, playing flute with the George Washington High School band. Later, Viqui's family moved to Bridgewater, New Jersey and Viqui began writing songs for her church Youth Choir, which she helped to form and co-lead.

In 1991, Viqui received an electric bass as a Mother's Day present and began playing with bluegrass and country bands in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Keith Dill. They have opened for such diverse acts as Sawyer Brown, Shelby Lynn, the Coasters, Taylor Dane, Charlie Waller and The Country Gentlemen, Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition, and Continental Divide.

An engineering graduate from Virginia Tech, Viqui is happiest as a small group worship leader or surrounded by singing kids at Vacation Bible School. She works as a Technical Writer for American Woodmark in Winchester. The Dills have been married since 1987 and have a son, Jim.

Jim Dill
lead vocals, harmony vocals, piano, keyboards and percussion

Jim Dill began his musical career as a french horn player for the school band but quickly got bored and moved on to piano and keyboards. Realizing that the piano is hard to bring to a gig, Jim soon took up the djembe, and began playing in the Dill family band. As he matured, Jim discovered that he had a fine low voice and began to sing, as well as play an instrument.

Ask him to sing "Folsom Prison Blues and you're in for a real treat.

Jim has a gift for acting and has performed as Lazar Wolf the Butcher in Millbrook High's 2006 performance of Fiddler on the Roof.

He has lead worship at both his church and at the exchange coffee house. Jim is graduate of Millbrook High School in Winchester, VA and is currently studying engineering at Virginia Tech.

Check out his activites in the TWISTS Theatrical Workshop.

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The Dill Pickers are musicians in the American tradition, combining the best elements of blues, bluegrass, cajun, country, gospel, irish, and rock.
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