Duc Duc Resettlement Village
(aka Phu Da)
Home Sweet Home
Marine helicopter at the 5th Marines Combat Base at An Hoa.
The last Americans to live in the Duc Duc Resettlement Village. August 1970. This picture was taken seven months before the Vietnamese Communists burned the Duc Duc Resettlement Village to the ground and killed and wounded hundreds of innocent peasant men, women and children.
A little boy with a can of C Rations. Gary and Jack fooling for the camera.
Duc Duc Pictures
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Duc Duc Pictures
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Duc Duc Pictures
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Marine radioman walking down main street.
A young girl filling her water buckets for her family. Once filled, the two buckets will weigh more than her.
Duc Duc Pictures
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Duc Duc Pictures
Located on
Looking towards the 5th Marines Combat Base at An Hoa.
Papasan taking time out from his day for a quick drink.
The Massacre
The one road to the rest of the World.
The Duc Duc Resettlement Village market place. (A&P Vietnamese style.)
Dear Vietnam Veteran,
The Letter
CAProductions - Americans Working Together for the truth on the Vietnam War
America's First Vietnam Veteran Memorial
Major Joseph F. Jennings', USMC (Ret) Marine Corps Gazette article of November 1989 on the Marines (November 3) of the Duc Duc Resettlement Village.
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