LIFE Magazine's August 25, 1967 article
The Duc Duc Resettlement Village
(aka Phu Da)
This CAP Team was located in the Duc Duc Resettlement Village, Vietnam. The peasant-farming village was also known as Phu Da.

Americans lived and served in Duc Duc for a number of years. It was slaughtered by the Communists in March 1971, seven months after the Americans were pulled out due to President Nixon's troop withdraw.

The reason why Duc Duc was burned to the ground can only be speculated. The Communist government still hides the truth. However, many people feel that these Vietnamese peasants were slaughtered because they supported their American friends.
On village security, Andy and Ed watch for Communist terrorist infiltrators. A major Communist attack on the village could come at any time.
The twins
Many times, the Communists would attack the American squad sized CAP Teams with hundreds of their best army troops as well as their most ruthless Viet Cong Terrorists.
It is said that less than half of the Marines and Navy Medical Corpsmen, who served in CAP, survived these attacks.
A Duc Duc Resettlement Village
father teaching his children a craft.
Left to right
Dan Wilson, John Combs,
Daniel Gallagher,
Andy, Gary Verheek
Preparing to move out on a day patrol "in and outside" the village. The patrols never were routine.
In spite of the heavy combat and the constant threat of being wiped out, morale was usually high in a CAP Unit.
Ed with one of his younger fans.
Big brother and sister at the family's
During times of combat each Marine was an expert in each of the weapons. With a M-60 machine gun on his shoulder, Ed was usually CAP 2-9-2 radioman during the Americans' last days in the resettlement village.
Daniel F. Gallagher and Gary horsing around with four village militiamen.
left to right
George Dros, John Combs,
Daniel Gallagher
The Marines are weaponless.
Ed has made another friend.
The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Communist Terrorists (VC)
Try To WipeOut
The Marines of Phu Da/Duc Duc
TET 1968
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More Pictures of Duc Duc are located on the CAProductions
web site.
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Duc Duc's Massacre
Daniel F. Gallagher
A Hero's Hero
Dear Vietnam Veteran,
The Letter
"Welcome Home" Vietnam Veteran
Eric Horner's
More Pictures of Duc Duc are located on the CAProductions web site.
Some Details of CAP - Combined Action Program
CAProductions - Americans Working Together To Get Out The
Whole Truth On The Vietnam War.
Major Joseph F. Jennings', USMC (Ret) Marine Corps Gazette article of November 1989 on the Marines (November 3) of the Duc Duc Resettlement Village.
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