Founded in March, 1980, Victory Dojo is the oldest operating Aikido dojo in the San Fernando Valley. Our primary goal is to offer Aikido training to the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Communities.

"True Victory is Victory over oneself" is the phrase that inspired the name for Victory Dojo. This concept is the guiding principle of our training. It is through the practice of physical techniques of self-defense and the training in Ki development that the student of Seidokan Aikido comes to appreciate and understand the full meaning of "True Victory" and the most important aspects of Aikido.

The mission of Victory Dojo Seidokan Aikido is to make aikido available to the communities of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Our training follows the teaching's of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and Rod Kobayashi, the founder of Seidokan Aikido, in that strength is an unnecessary component of self-defense and that harmony with Ki is a more effective basis of a true art of self-defense. Our training also emphasizes that the application of the principles of aikido are best used outside the dojo, in our daily lives.