Also known as ABS Computer, Controller and Module

 Removal Instructions for 1996-97 850 series and 1998-99 70 series

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Updated Sunday April 27, 2014

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***NEW*** There is a video of the removal instructions at the end of this page

I don't want to hear that you cannot do this job. Read this email I received on Sunday, November 13, 2005.

Victor, I'm a busy mother of four and I just wanted to thank you for your directions on how to remove the ABS unit in order to send it to you for repair. Your directions were so easy, I was able to remove the unit myself in about 10-15 minutes.  As a female, who is not afraid to maintain the car or look under the hood, I'm always trying to save a buck and do it myself if I can.  This repair was a real breeze thanks to you.  



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ABS and ABS / TRACS controller removal instructions.

Turbo Model? Instructions to deal with the limited space in turbo models. Even if you don't have a turbo model, it will make the removal easier.

Remove the ABS fuse from the fuse block next to the left of the windshield/wiper. In the 96-97 850 it is fuse #14.

Remove the large connector. There is a lever (black plastic cover, see picture #3 and #4) built into the connector, that you pull up to disconnect the connector. Be careful not to break it. In picture #3, the arrow points to the release tab. Push the tab and pull the connector up.

  1. Continue pulling the black plastic cover until the connector is disconnected from the controller.
  2. Remove the small connector with 2 wires. This is the power connector. See picture #3.
  3. Once the connectors are removed you will need a very special tool, it is a Torx wrench (socket) E5 (Fairly difficult to find) and a 1/4" ratchet driver. There are 4 of these bolts.
  4. If you are in the East coast or in an area where salt is used on the roads in the winter, you must spray some WD-40 on the bolts and then tap (with a large wrench) the E5 Torx socket into the head of the bolt. Make sure you spend some time tapping every bolt to break the rust. If a bolt is stuck and the bolt head is rounded, you will need to cut the bolt off.
  5. You can purchase the tool now from me using Paypal to pay. Use the Paypal button to purchase and pay for the E5 Torx socket. The cost is $9.00 and First Class US Mail shipping is $3.50. Delivery takes 2-4 days.
  6. You will receive a $5.00 discount on the repair of your ABS unit when you purchase the tool here.

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  7. When the bolts are removed, you pull the unit straight away from the brake block assembly. There are 6 or 7 plungers that protrude into the ABS controller.
    Even though this sounds complicated, it is a fairly easy job.
    The main ABS fuse must be removed before the ABS module connector is disconnected.
  8. After that, the vehicle may be driven.
    The brakes work in a normal way, you will not have the ABS function (Which you don't have when the unit is malfunctioning, anyway).
    If you have traction control, that will not work either.
  9. The speedometer will not work and the check engine light may  turn on.
  10. You may want to protect the connector from moisture by enclosing it with a plastic bag.

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This is a video of the removal instructions, watch it after reading the instructions..

repair rebuilding rebuilt used for sale OEM troubleshooting instions instruction help

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