Volvo ETM, ETS Problems?

Electronic Throttle Unit, System

Updated: Monday March 09, 2015

We are now repairing the units with the contactless throttle position sensor, TPS, for better accuracy, and the unit will last the life of your Volvo.

We will be closed 3/21/10 to 3/28/10

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Welcome to my website fellow Volvo owner.

Here, you will find information on Volvo ETM (Electronic Throttle Module, ETS (Electronic Throttle System), ETS light problems and solutions.

If you have one of Volvos listed below, and you have a light on your dashboard that reads ETS or ETM, or if you have been told that your Electronic Throttle Module has failed and needs to be replaced, this information is for you.

These are the models covered by this information.

  • 1999 2000 2001 Volvo V70, V70 GLT, V70 T5, V70 R and V70 XC
  • 99-01 Volvo S70, S70 GLT, S70 T5
  • 99-02 Volvo C70
  • 99-01 S80 2.9 and S80 T6

These are the common symptoms of a defective Volvo Electronic Throttle Module, ETM, ETS.

  • ETS light turns on
  • Check Engine light turns on
  • Loss of power, you step on the gas pedal and the engine will not accelerate
  • Your engine will go into "Limp Home" mode, you can only partially accelerate to about 30 MPH
  • After losing power, you turn the engine off, start it again and everything appears normal
  • Engine stalls
  • Engine shakes and misfires
  • Cruise control does not work
  • Make sure you have had the recall done on the ETM
  • Make sure your throttle body is free and not binding

The cost to repair your ETM unit is $300.00 plus $25.00 US Priority Mail shipping to return the unit back to you. The repair cost is $325.00 US. Shipping is for the US. No international shipping is available for this unit.

Removal and installation of your unit is available for $80.00 for NA and $120.00 for turbo models. This is in addition to the repair. Obviously, this is for local customers in the Los Angeles, CA area. We service Los Angeles area, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire and Orange County; however, we get customers from out of state very often.

I provide repair services for Volvo ETM units and ABS control units. The units are also known as modules and or computer.

My service costs about 1/3 of the price of a new Volvo ETM unit.

The ETM unit will be properly cleaned to ensure the air flow and throttle plate is not binding or restricted, the unit will be repaired with the new contactless throttle positions sensors and you will NOT need to download new software to get the unit to work. The repaired unit has one year warranty, same as what you get at the dealer.

I have been providing my services to independent Volvo dealers, independent Volvo repair shops, Volvo clubs and Volvo owners worldwide for over 9 years. I have been a member of the Volvo community since 1987.

You must know this information:

  • There is a recall for the ETM, you must have the recall done before attempting the repair of your ETM. Call your dealer and ask them if there are any recall pending for your Volvo. You may also be told that your ETM needs to be cleaned. Cleaning of the ETM is a maintenance task that should be performed every 50,000 miles to ensure the throttle plate is not binding or restricting the air flow.
  • Even though a software update is not necessary, it is advisable to get the latest software installed on your Volvo, it corrects a few issues that were in need of correction.
  • There was a class action lawsuit in which Volvo agreed to extend the warranty of the ETM to 10 years or 200,000 miles. All 1999 Volvos are out of warranty now and the 2000 models are expiring now. If you have a 2000 Volvo, check with your dealer to make sure you are no longer covered by the warranty.
  • I cannot troubleshoot your problem over the phone or emails. If you send me your ETM, you must ensure that your problem is the ETM. You are responsible for performing the troubleshooting, this requires that you educate yourself on the symptoms, reading and investigating the meaning of DTC (diagnostic trouble codes), know how to use an OBDII scanner.
  • The CEL (Check Engine Light) in your instrument panel is an indicator of an emissions system problem. It could turn on due to a defective ETM, a defective ABS unit, leak in the fuel evaporative system, misfiring in the cylinders, defective sensor(s), worn out O2 (Oxygen) sensor or just by fueling your car while the engine is running or not tightening the gas cap tightly. If you send me your ETM and your CEL is on, you will need to read the DTC and write them down. After the repaired unit is re-installed, you will need to erase the codes. If the CEL turns on again you will need to perform troubleshooting to determine what other problems you have, the ETM was not the only problem you had.
  • Some of the ETMs have mechanical problems and the throttle plate is binding and/or stuck. Those units cannot be repaired. You will need to purchase a complete unit including a $100 core deposit. On this units, when you start the engine, the idle speed starts between 2,500 and 3,000 RPM, and then the engine starts misfiring and the idle drops to about 900 RPM with severe engine misfiring.



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