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Welcome to my website fellow Volvo owner.

Here, you will find information on Volvo ABS, TRACS, STC problems and solutions to your ABS problems and your Volvo ETM, Electronic Throttle Module.

If you have one of Volvos listed below, and you have a light on your dashboard that reads ABS, TRACS, STC or Brake failure, "Stop immediately" message, you have found the solution to your problem and it will not cost you $600.00 to $800.00 to repair.

  •  99-01Volvo S80 2.9 and S80 T6 Control Unit ABS / STC (Except DSTC)

  •  96-97 850 Control Unit TRACS 2 / 4WD, Control Unit ABS

  • 98-01 Volvo C70, S70, V70 and V70 XC Control Unit TRACS 2 / 4WD, Control Unit ABS

  • 99-02 Volvo S40, V40 with Bosch ABS control unit

The cost to repair and upgrade your ABS unit is $105.00 plus $15.00 US for US Postal Service Priority Mail shipping, insurance and handling. The total cost is $120.00 US. Shipping is for the US (Shipping to other countries? please read my FAQs). The cost to repair the S40 and V40 units is $125.00 plus $18.00 return shipping and insurance.

I provide a rebuild, repair and upgrade service for Volvo ABS control units. The units are also known as modules and or computer, EBCM, etc.

My service costs about 1/5 of the price of a new Volvo ABS unit; however, the finished product is 4 times stronger than the original design.

Where is the address and phone number? Please contact me, I was getting too many unannounced visitors and phone calls wanting help on other brands and unrelated issues. We strive to help the Volvo community.

All the units are tested on an actual Volvo vehicle and the ABS unit is road tested to ensure all the functions perform as designed. This is my testing equipment.

I have been asked by many of my customers to warn you of other "cheap" services. I have been told, "you provide an invaluable service to the Volvo community, please warn them about the mistake I made". Hence this information below.

If you use another shop, ask how your unit will be tested. You will be told that it will be tested with BS (Bolvo Simulator), no such thing exists. Nobody else tests the units.

Our high quality, exceptional reputation, state of the art tools, electronics training and over 25 years of Volvo experience is not cheap, it is the best value and service you can get for your hard earned money. Second to none!

Quality work is not cheap and cheap work is not quality work. Worn cliché, but very true. Care to trust your family to Mr. Cheap?

I have been providing my services to independent Volvo dealers, independent Volvo repair shops, Volvo clubs and Volvo owners worldwide for over 10 years. Shops and parts distributors depend on our quality to ensure their customers remain loyal. Price is not the entire story. A Google search of my name and Volvo ABS will show you who is trusted around the world.

What about those "Life time warranties", I have seen them all (their work), those units end in my shop after the owners give up on trying to get their units fixed. Funny thing is, sometimes the units are good; however, the other "So called experts" cannot test the units and they have no way of knowing if their own work is good or not. Not a good feeling.


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