Philip Merrill

  • Editor at, weekly ArtsWatch column (since 1998)
  • Since about 2006 I've dusted off my college Mandarin and studied solo. I'm a big fan of the Chinese-English format for reading and I'm now truly a fanboy of some of the great sinologists. Been working my way through the five novels. Finished Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Outlaws of the Marsh in 2009, Journey to the West in 2010, and Dream of the Red Chamber in 2012. March 2012 was exciting for me as the How To Read Chinese Poetry Workbook came out. I'm in the Acknowledgements for suggesting the workbook's form and helping copyedit.
  • Participated 2003-2006+ (on a personal basis) in early work of the Digital Media Project. In 2005 October I participated in the Project Bar-B-Q report Improving Computer Audio and Music Production Systems User Interfaces and in May I spoke on TRUs at NISO Pre-Standards Workshop on Digital Rights Expression.
  • Co-wrote Title Fight White Paper 1996 for original Divx DVD multi-studio pitch
  • Web dev since 1995, wrote for Multimedia Producer Magazine
  • Single full-time parent of two from 1993 until my eldest moved off in 2008
  • First gig ~1978 recording/editing audiocassette lecture series for Jung Fdtn., NY
  • Born NYC 1958, Collegiate HS 1976, Columbia BA Anthro 1980 Phi Beta Kappa
  •, Pasadena, CA, USA, @philipmerrill