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Minimally invasive surgical options for you pet!

     Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique utilizing rigid

endoscopes and instruments placed into the abdomen through various small

port to visualize disease processes, document them with high quality graphics,

and perform biopsy or advanced surgical procedures.


    The use of minimally invasive surgical techniques is commonplace in the human medical field and is by far the option most requested by patients. The reduced surgical trauma equates to reduced post-operative pain and an accelerated recovery. Given these benefits, many elect procedures that may not otherwise have been considered, especially in older pets. Now, you can offer these advanced diagnostics and treatments for your family companion.

Advanced Surgical Technology


Dr. Gunby is the first veterinarian in Wisconsin, and remains one of just a few in the country, to utilize  the latest generation of Ligasure Radiosurgical Devices available on the Force Triad electrosurgical platform. This technology creates a reliable collagen “weld” in even large vessels (7 mm).


The use of Ligasure technology, and VLS’s monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical capabilities, provides enhanced confidence in surgical hemostasis, both increasing safety and versatility, and decreasing surgery time.


Coagulating During a Spay

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