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about incremental press -----------------------

The entity which eventually evolved into C.I.P. began in 1988 as Crippled Intellect Publications, a chapbook press. Seven titles were produced in true D.I.Y. spirit (i.e., sloppy) between 1988 and 1991. A personal high point of the three-year, seven chapbook initial growth spurt was an order from a prisoner at Sing-Sing for the delicately titled "It's Not Rape if They're Already Dead." Each chapbook sold for between $1.50 and $2 (plus two stamps; the archetypal "'zine" price) and they didn't exactly fly out of the door-which was fine, since the editions never went above 40. Although all chapbook titles are out of print, selections are included in the "writing selections" area. In December 1996 Crippled Intellect Publications was revived as Incremental Press (with crippled intellect press as an imprint) with the purchase of an ISBN number and the publication of Sherman Johnson's loquedeeshes.

the publications ----------------------------------

First stop is technically pre-Crippled Intellect Press, circa 1987. While in high school I started a journal entry for an English class where I outlined 1,000 ways to hurt, torture or kill yourself. So pleased was I when I reached the thousandth idea that I decided to type it up on a computer which had no spell check (and me with no patience to spell check of my own volition). My mom graciously ran off 20 copies at her job, which I then sold for $3 each at school. I sold out in a week. Who'd've thought my first and sloppiest publishing venture would be my most successful? I went into a second printing of 20 and most of those also went quickly, since I had a friend distributing copies at his Christian high school. The production values were delicious; single sided 8.5 x 11, dot matrix printer all the way.

C.I.P. #1: Gangrene Dreams. A 40 page collection of various missives by me in the fall of 1989; mostly short fiction and "poetry," I suppose one might call it. The layout was heinous since I couldn't figure out how to do much with the computer (Apple 2e) in terms of changing fonts or margins; some pieces literally had lines that were "hand tracked" by cutting, pasting, and running words together.

C.I.P. #2: A World with a Charles Manson Theme Park. Another 40 pages of my stuff, printed summer 1990. This chapbook also featured the recipe for "Chernobyl Cheez Melt "as penned by myself and my good friend James Barnett. The recipe was submitted to, and actually published in, Thrasher Skateboard Magazine's "Skarfing Material" column. Also included in C.I.P. #2 was an illustrated gloom and doom fashion show and a PTV interview which didn't really shed much light on anything or even go anywhere. On the other hand, the printing was better, since I discovered how to get the words to all fit on a page.

C.I.P. #3: Two Fisted Greeting Cards by Geoff Gallagher and Blake Edwards, late fall 1990. The first joint venture with a friend of mine (and whose whereabouts I know not at this point; if you're reading this Geoff, email me). Two Fisted Greeting Cards contained essays and dialogues on life by two people who really didn't know much but enjoyed talking about it.

C.I.P. #4: It's Not Rape if They're Already Dead. Another collection of my writings. Breaking all bounds of convention, I dared to step out of the 40 page size and moved to 52. This contained 3 short stories and a play; the latter was a fun assault on pretentious arty types, although the guy whose class I wrote it for (and subsequently had it staged with five other plays in this little student play thing at UCR) wanted me to make the gun fake instead of real. The stories were tepid; clever in parts at best, but probably just decent springboards.

C.I.P. #5: Champagne and Chocolates at the Funeral. Geoff Gallagher and me again. Prose poems and other texts.

C.I.P. #6: Catharsis of Consciousness by Geoff Gallagher. Printed in May 1991, this was a pretty nice collection of prose poems and poems. Geoff wrote some truly excellent work, tiptoeing around the peripheries of stream of consciousness and free association. Often only the thinnest threads of continuity kept a piece from running amok. Reminiscent in spots of Russell Edson's writings.

C.I.P. #7: I (want you to) Suffer for My Art. Four stories and four "poems" by me, 1991. Most of the fiction was compiled from work I'd done as an undergrad. The poems were pieces I had about which didn't seem to fit in any other work I'd done.

1996 saw the publication of two of the first titles from Incremental Press/ crippled intellect press.

loquedeeshes by Sherman Johnson. This was printed in an edition of 100 with a nice canvas-paper cover-one tough little chapbook. It's hard to pin exactly what has guided Sherman's style; there are hints of everyone from Amiri Baraka to Rimbaud in any given piece; read the selections yourself.

Naked Passion Jogs with The Disco Espionage Gang (The Gaussian Verses) was the second title, by Sherman Johnson and me. This collection consisted of purposely mistranslated French poets, primarily from the 19th century. And when I say mistranslation, I mean we used phonetic translation as a springboard to go many different directions. This book was perfect bound and printed in a numbered edition of 200 which were "signed" with author fingerprints and had a nice strip of correction ribbon and typewriter ribbon taped to the last page. We also included an eight page section which showed the mistranslation process, accurately capturing Sherman's scrawl trailing off the pages and into the gutters, all over the place and utterly unstoppable.

future plans ----------------------------------------

The plans for publication are tentative at best. I'd like to publish other works by Sherman Johnson and permutated text pieces by Marcelo Cavallari.


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