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C.I.P. is an experimental music label based in Chicago, Il. The mission of C.I.P. is to present engaging work by new artists as well as reintroduce critical, out of print recordings.

C.I.P. was founded in 1988 as Crippled Intellect Publications. During the two years that followed, seven chapbooks were produced, each of which enjoyed extremely low circulation. Interspersed among the chapbook production were two very low quality (and not too serious) cassettes.

In 1991, C.I.P. became more musically centered when two friends and I formed Derail; a few months later I began releasing solo work on cassette under the name Vertonen. In the fall of 1992 I decided to undertake a more ambitious recording project; a series of five 7" records. The first was released in early 1994.

1999 saw C.I.P.'s first CD release. This marked an evolutionary point for the label, shifting from a conduit for releasing (primarily) my own material into what it is now.

A frequent question is whether C.I.P. considers unsolicited demos. Yes, but please note: the release schedule is planned 9-14 months in advance. Inquiries before sending materials are strongly encouraged. All materials may be sent to the address on the contact page.

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