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Counterpoint!This is the tandem that I've coveted for 15 years. It's a Counterpoint Opus tandem, and it's the perfect "long bike" for a single person.
Comfy lawn chair seat has its own five-speed derailleur and freewheel (shhh!). Makes it easier for beginner cyclists, who tend to prefer a slower cadence.
Adjustable front boom fits a wide variety of picked-up stokers.
Lighter weight and shorter wheelbase than a regular tandem. Easier to transport and store.
If you can't find a vict—I mean, riding partner, you can carry a bag of groceries, a musical instrument, a stuffed animal, your cat...

NEW! Counterpoint goes on GOBA!

Me & my new Counterpoint


Sprocket T. Bear helps find riding partners for me!

The original manufacturer sold the patent to Bilenky Cycles a few years ago, and it is now available as the Viewpoint.

Looking for a used Counterpoint or Viewpoint? Or do you have one that needs a good home? Send me a message and I'll play "switchboard." (This is the only website dedicated to these wonderful bikes, which is a darned shame.)
Reach me at veloise (at) earthlink (dot) net. I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Patent illustration

business cards from
Made up these cards to hand out to potential navigators.

At Yellow Freight. They were glad to not have to deliver it.
Collecting the bike from the truck terminal in fits in a regular minivan!

Try this with your tandem!

tiny car
It even fits inside a PT Cruiser!

Multi-tasking minivan
On a day trip...the van bench seat, a sousaphone, the Counterpoint, and a road bike all fit in the back; no wheels removed!

At Tim Maloney's party. A dozen folks went around the block with me. Great fun at parties when the conversation lags!

Custom DIY sticker, made from the two stickers shown below.

Sticker raw materials

On Mackinac Island, after walking the bridge and riding a lap. 2008

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