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Veleka Gray dreamed up fabulous yarns from her earliest years. Her second-grade teacher had her tell her stories to the class on a regular basis. With her flair for the dramatic and natural talent as an actress, she delighted in weaving original tales to keep her little friends spellbound. She completed her first novel (a full eight pages long!) at age eight. Because of her burgeoning career as a singer and actress, writing remained an avocation until many years later.

Miss Gray's first paying job as a writer was for a fan magazine, "Soap Opera Digest," where for six years she wrote a bi-weekly advice column as well as articles on celebrity friends. She sold her first teleplay to Columbia Pictures. By the time she began teaching acting to support her writing, she had drafted a screenplay and three novels. Teaching proved so fulfilling that even though she retired from the College of DuPage in 1998 Miss Gray continues to coach the most promising actors on a private basis. She has coached writers, too. At a recent Romantic Times Booklovers Convention she taught writers how to use acting techniques to plot and develop character, and she is often booked to speak at chapters of the Romance Writers of America as well as to serve as a moderator on panels.

Since leaving the college, Miss Gray has also become an adherent of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" and has finished three plays (one of which has had a successful public reading), seven short stories, dozens of essays, and is currently working on a suspense novel about a soap opera star. She is interested in psychology and esoteric spiritual studies with practical applications, such as the Enneagram and feng shui. She designs greeting cards for friends and family on her beloved Macintosh. She has been a member of Mensa since her twenties after scoring in the 99 percentile of their intelligence tests. Her favorite movies are action thrillers. Her favorite way to relax is to read or write fiction.

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